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ShirOne Travel Photo (@shironephoto)
shironephoto11.01.2019 20:36:58

I liked your photos :) Greetings from other side of the world 😊

Dereck 🇹🇹 (@adventures_of_dr)
adventures_of_dr11.01.2019 21:19:23

Very good! Keep it up 😊

Charles (@charles_darkwind)
charles_darkwind11.01.2019 22:35:55

Eres el hijo de Poseidón. Pareces el Señor de las Aguas en verdad.

Nacho Carrillo Alcazar (@carrillonacho)
carrillonacho11.01.2019 22:35:57

Well you must recognize that swimming in the azores it's not very difficult madafaka

Georgie Boy Edwards (@londongeorgie)
londongeorgie11.01.2019 23:37:11

Dope pics

Mobound (@mobound)
mobound12.01.2019 01:57:19

Love it!

Euro Stanley (@eurostanley)
eurostanley12.01.2019 07:28:20


Susana Ye Sun | 叶婷婷 (@susanayesun)
susanayesun12.01.2019 15:59:45

Me encantaaa!! Fotónn! 😍

Orit Haiby ✈ Tutti Travels (@jetsettersecrets)
jetsettersecrets16.01.2019 10:12:04

If there’s heaven, I can see it now 😅

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