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I am a little (okay maybe a lot. Fine?) too obsessed wit
RDJ APPRECIATION POST. I am a little (okay maybe a lot. Fine?) too obsessed with RDJ. Reasons why RDJ is amazing~ 1. He is an amazing actor. His acting seems effortless. All the scenes are not exactly how I was scripted but he makes them better and connects more with the audience. 2. He is sarcastic and bold. He never backs from doing what is right and saying what everyone is afraid to say out loud. He takes steps that no one even dares to. 3. He is iron man. The iron suit is nothing without him. The suit isn't what makes him great. He is great. It doesn't matter who wears the suit because the suit is made of him. He made it himself and made an empire that everyone wants. He is an inspiration. 4. Some people might call him heartless. But RDJ is exactly how he represents TONY STARK. He shows that he is tough but he has the biggest heart. He helps children all around the world and provides funds to many NGOs. He cares a lot from within. 5. He is MAGNIFICENT. He is BEAUTY. The way he has evolved as an actor and person is commendable. Other than wine he is the only thing that gets better with age. He has given most of us an amazing childhood. 6. He is an amazing singer. Most people don't know but he has an album called "futurist" where he sings. He has a very calm voice and omfg can he be any more perfect ?!!! Tony Stark had a heart. He always knew someday he would have to leave and he was ready for it always. He knew that truth but he made sure before going that everyone could get back what they lost but in the process he lost whatever he made *cries a little (.... A lot)*. But he is still the greatest man alive. #ironman#tonystark#rdj
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If you don't have something how will you give it to other people. If all of us t
If you don't have something how will you give it to other people. If all of us took Care of each other and ourselves maybe the world wouldn't have been what we think of it as. When you have negative thoughts inside you all you find around is negativity which affects you more. There is good in this world but sometimes we don't see it because its easier to blame than to accept. People come and go but some people leave a mark. And their leaving stays. Yes it hurts a lot but you know life goes on. They didnt stop for you nor should you wait doe them to turn. Not everyone is made for us. They are still good people but maybe not in our life. We get to choose how they affect us. Its our choice how we react. They did what they felt was right but now we have to do what's right for us ain't it ? Its not that easy. But everything that comes our way isn't supposed to be easy. We have to get through it. Everyone has to. And make a life that they would want to live and be someone that they would love. #selfcare#selflove#healing#letgo
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Hey there ! Yes you. I hope that you are doing well and if not its still okay if
Hey there ! Yes you. I hope that you are doing well and if not its still okay if you are trying. I am proud of you. You are an amazing person dear don't ever let anyone bring you down. I know the past couple of days or weeks or maybe even months have been rough for you but hang in there hon. You held on for so long please don't let go. You are so strong and patient. I love you. And I'd you think that if you go things won't change you are wrong. They will. People will try to move on but sometimes they won't. It hard you know. You know that better. I know about your sleepless nights where you get nightmares so often that you don't want to sleep at all. I know you are tired everyday trying to look normal to avoid questions and trying out things and taking in more work just to get shut your brain for once and concentrate it on one piece. I know its hard dear but hold on a little longer. I promise you the pain will get over. Maybe not today or tomorrow but someday. And to think that that one day is yet to come is truly exciting isnt it ? Hang in there buds. You are yet to bloom. xx Talk to me dear if you can't with anyone else. Maybe I won't solve everything but I promise to listen and be there for you. I love you okay ? #selflove#selfcare#depressionhelp#itsokaynottobeokay#hanginthere#mentalhealth
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To whoever finds this today, 
You are loved. No matter what happens to you or ha
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To whoever finds this today, You are loved. No matter what happens to you or has happened thus far don't ever forget that YOU MATTER. you will never be defined by what has happened to you. You are an amazing person and somewhere out there some people recognise it and they love you immensely. They love you so much that sometimes you will cry by how much effort they put in. They haven't given up on you neither should you give up on yourself. I know you have some trouble going on. Some pain inside of you that you don't want to share because you are not ready. You don't know if people will understand. But trust me dear someone will. And if no one does you yourself will. To cure a problem you need the understand the roots of it. You need to cure yourself from the roots and not just cover it up for the time being. You need to pull yourself through whatever is happening. I know you can. I believe you can. Sometimes you will fall. You will fall again and again but you have to get back up. You have stand strong infront of all those things. You have crush each obstacles. You can cry. It's okay to cry. Let those eyes be hydrated and let it out. When you can't keep it any longer, LET IT OUT. Scream if you have to, cry if you need to, write if you want to, reach out to someone if you have to. You need to get that slug out of you. It is consuming you and you know it is. You want to get better and you have to get better. You have to fight it dear. And only you can do it. Others will help you but they can't pull you out. I know you have no motivation at times but try. TRY. Take little steps everyday. My love if you ever can't find anyone else that you can reach out to, come to me. I will hug you and we can talk about it and if you don't want to we will cry together and listen to music. I will always love you. I am counting on you. I am rooting for you love. Please don't give up now. You survived many things. You can get through this too. I am always right here. ALWAYS. . Please send this to anyone who you think needs it anyday. . #selflove#loveyourself#growth#spreadlove#peace#selfcare#healing#depressionhelp#dontgiveup#always#itsokaynottobeokay
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Since a very young age I have been very insecure about how I l
BODY POSITIVITY. Since a very young age I have been very insecure about how I look and about my body shape. I was always bullied in school and called "fat", "hippo" , "elephant", "the gigantic girl" and etc. It left a mark on my mind as to how people can judge me so much just by looking at me for even a split second. And then after hearing much of these comments and extreme bullying I started to hate myself and my body. I tried everything I ever could to make myself look pretty and thin to feel accepted in the society that I live in. None of it worked. Everyone's skin type and metabolism is different for which I didn't know what was right for me and in turn it lead to my own harm. Today after so many years I am learning to accept myself and the way I look. . So to everyone else who has ever had this phase in their life, To hell with them who made you feel insecure about your body. You are fricking beautiful. Your stretch marks, your body hair, your wrinkles, your skin colour, your body fat, your freckles and your pimples doesn't define who you are. These things are a part of you not the whole of you. This is not just for the girls but also for the boys, you are fricking amazing just the way you are. You don't need abs to impress someone and you don't need to be thin to be accepted. Everyone's body isn't the same. Someone who eats a lot maybe really thin and someone who doesn't at all maybe fat but that doesn't decide what kind of a person you are and it will never. If you want to change yourself let it be for yourself, let it be for your own growth and personal development and not to impress someone or because your hate yourself. You can love yourself and still work on yourself. Never forget that you are beautiful, in and out. You yourself from within are so beautiful that if someone who truly loves you will accept you for who you are and how you look. Love yourself first. Your body keeps you alive everyday love it back too. You can be accepting and still be growing. . . @arunavigation thank you for nominating me for writing about this :') . #loveyourself#selfcare#selflove#growth#bodypositive#beautiful
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So what does self care actually mean ? 
Is it just watching some mov
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SELF CARE. So what does self care actually mean ? Is it just watching some movies on weekend and spending some time with your friends. It's more than that. When we say "self care" we mean something to do with ourselves and how we treat ourselves. Self care means to work on yourself and feel positive about who you are. You need to accept who you are. I know everytime when you look at yourself in the mirror you wish you were someone else. You hate your feature and curse yourself at times. But guess what these things that you hate about yourself are the exact same things that someone else loves- your friends, your family, your siblings or cousins. You don't need to be someone else to be presentable. You need to be you. You need to work on yourself. If you feel something is wrong with your behaviour then work on it. Whining about it won't do anything about it except make you feel about yourself. You are perfectly fine as you are. You need to love yourself because if you don't no one else can. No one else will come and pick you up everyday and send you to school or work. You have to be there for yourself. You got this life so why would you want to waste this by hating yourself when you can actually love yourself and do what truly makes you happy. Don't go by what others do. If they like a TV show doesn't mean you have to. If they wear certain clothes you don't have to wear them too to feel accepted. You are accepted and you are loved. Work on yourself to be a better version of yourself not someone else's. You have one life. Live it up. ♥ P.C. @prasansa13 . . What does self care mean to you ? #selfcare#selflove#loveyourself#growth#spreadlove#aesthetic#healing#liveitup#life#learning
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Do you remember? 
The last time we played outside 
With no worries in our head
Do you remember? The last time we played outside With no worries in our head And just love in our heart ? The last time you truly felt loved Instead of staying up late Talking to strangers to look for love ? The last time you smiled at yourself Instead of doubting yourself? The last time you were stressed About what to play Instead of getting your heart played ? The time you didn't need grades to feel validated. . We can't get back but we can start again maybe? We loved and lost the things and people we never thought we would But all things made us who we are So why not love ourself for being where we are and surviving it all. You might think you have no talent But surviving in this world with a heart full of love and hope is a great one. #selflove#loveyourself#selfcare#spreadlove#growth
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Hearts are broken as easily as glass. You don't know what impact your w
Hearts. Hearts are broken as easily as glass. You don't know what impact your words can have on a person until you yourself are in that position. People hurt other people. Sometimes it's intentional and sometimes it's unintentional. It is really dangerous when you know you are hurting the person but you keep on doing it. Never fake your love for someone. To you it may mean nothing but for them it's more than everything. There are many things that people get addicted to and getting addicted to one person and talking to them day and night is one of them. When you stop talking to each other all those nights that pass makes you sad. Sometimes people do this to forget someone else but hurting someone else isn't a way to forget someone else. Love yourself a lil more to forget who hurt you than hurt others. Because this goes full cycle and in the end we just become bad in someone's story and ruin friendships. Sometimes people love way too deep and way too purely and they don't deserve to get hurt. They loved with all their heart because they know the pain. But now they are just getting fucked over. Everyone in this world deserves love and sometimes we hurt each other when we are young or when we don't realise how it will end or what the consequences will be but if you know the pain of someone not loving you back please don't do the same to someone else. Be clear with what you want and desire rather than Fooling around and breaking hearts. Love yourself first before loving someone else. . . . #selflove#selfcare#spreadlove#growth#hearts
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My dear boys, it's okay. I know the society has set a rule for you to always be
My dear boys, it's okay. I know the society has set a rule for you to always be strong and be the "man" but you know what it's okay. It's okay to cry and show your emotions and it's okay to feel what you do. It's okay to be you. You don't ways have to get your shit together to help others. You are allowed to take time out for yourself. My dear you are much more than what people describe you to be. You are amazing and no one change that. Just because you are a guy doesn't mean you can't be depressed. Just because you are a guy doesn't mean you shouldn't be asked for consent. You are not expected to always carry the responsibilities of your house. You are not expected to meet everyone's expectations just because you are a guy. Just beacause you are a guy doesnt mean you won't be bullied. You are human. You feel. So let yourself. "Boys don't cry" is a myth. They do and there is nothing wrong when they do. They get hurt, heartbroken, feeling helpless, depressed , anxious, nervous and all the other emotions that others have told them not to feel. It's to okay to share. It's okay to not be okay. . . #selflove#boysdocry#boys#selfcare#spreadlove#itsokaynottobeokay#everythingwillbeokay#growth
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Today I saw a girl and she had her periods. She didn't know that it wou
Period. Today I saw a girl and she had her periods. She didn't know that it would. She didn't have any pads with her nor her mother. Luckily they were in the mall and her mother suggested to buy pads from there. But the mother started buying other grocery stuff too and the girl was getting stressed about the bug stain on her pangs if she waited any longer. She asked her mother if it was too important to buy all those things now? Her mother said "yes, because buying the pads just like that is very awkward and shameful." The girl fell from the sky she didn't understand what that meant. Her mom told her to hide the packet and go to the washroom. Firstly, if you are a girl and you have your periods be fricking proud of it. There is no shame in buying things for your hygiene and necessity. There shouldn't ever be. If it was so shameful to buy pads then they wouldn't sell it. People need to understand that women bleed because that's a sign that she will carry a life in her a few years later. When blood drips from your hands or legs or any other part it's not considered as unholy but why is it that when women bleed during their periods they are asked to stay away? Half the men population still don't even know what periods are because they were never taught about it like that. They don't understand the cramps and the mood swings and the pain and the stress of hiding the stains. I am not telling you to announce to the world that you are on your periods but don't be ashamed of it either. You don't need to hide the pads when you buy them in a store or feel ashamed. You don't need to feel ashamed if by chance you get a stain on your clothes. You don't need to feel ashamed for having to go through periods. This is natural and this is you. This is how your body is made. Love it. Love yourself. #loveyourself#selfcare#selflove#periods#mensuration#healing#growth
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Dear society,
I am sorry I don't fit the usual norms that you have laid down for
Dear society, I am sorry I don't fit the usual norms that you have laid down for me. I am sorry I couldn't be perfect in your opinions. I am sorry I tried to speak up about my feelings and my opinions. I am sorry my clothing style doesn't suit your taste. I am sorry my anxiety attacks are just tantrums for you. I am sorry my mental breakdowns are the signs of weakness. I am sorry that you don't understand the "NO" when you don't even ask for my consent. I am sorry my body shape doesn't please your desires and ideal type. I am sorry I couldn't excel in academics like you expected of me. I am sorry for everything. But, I was always taught to look for my own individuality and to think out of the box. I wasn't taught to be perfect I was taught to be imperfectly awesome. I like to put out my feelings and opinions. I never knew that if I bring a guy to my home I would have to answer your thousand questions. I never knew the length of my clothing gave you the right to judge my character. I didn't know that my anxiety attacks bothered you and annoyed you so much that you had to make it a topic of your daily discussion instead of helping me out. I am sorry my make up is too loud for you and the " no make up" too sad for you to even look. I am sorry but I thought that intimacy meant the concern of both involved and not just dominance. I didn't know I had to find love based on my body shape and size. Grades are important I know but what I didn't know was the fact that it would decide how you look at me. I am perfectly fine if you ask. I am happy the way I am. I like it that way more than what you want me to be. I feel me and not anyone else. I am learning new things and having new experiences and understandings. Don't worry dear society I won't let you down. Just give me some time and I will shine. I don't need to be like everyone else to be great. I hope one day we both come to terms with each other. ~lovingly from every person who thinks they are not good enough to fit in and are constantly told to stay within limits of the societal norms.
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Lately I have received many news about animals(stray dogs mostly) being killed "
Lately I have received many news about animals(stray dogs mostly) being killed "just for fun" and "tradition". I fail to understand that how can anyone just take a life for the sake of fun? Those little creatures have done nothing to be treated like this. They ask for nothing more than love and some food. Some people ignore these facts saying that they don't want to disturb their internal peace because these negative news. I understand that. But if everyone becomes ignorant of the news then who is going to take any action? It is not only about spreading the information about what's happening but together trying to stop the acts. The negative news are everywhere and it is because of the negative thoughts in people's heads. We cannot change people but we can at least try to make them understand about what they are doing is wrong. When a child does something wrong we don't just ignore it, we try to make the child understand about what's good and bad and what he should do. Then why not now ? When these people were questioned as to why they thought of killing the animals they replied by saying " they don't deserve to live. They are stray dogs." I don't care stray or not. A life is a life and no one has any right to decide over who lives or not. Even of they were stray animals they were dear to someone out there and that person is extremely hurt.
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Some people say that if there is feminism so what more do women want ? Well the
Some people say that if there is feminism so what more do women want ? Well the idea is wrong. Feminism is not about women trying to suppress the male or dominate over them. All through history we have seen that women have always been suppressed because they are considered to be weak. When a girl gets molested somewhere she is the one who is blamed because of her clothing and friendly nature. The point is not to blame the male but question the fact that why are women being blamed for bring who they are? Women are told to dress in a proper manner so they don't attract attention, they are asked to not sit in places of prayer when they are on their periods, they receive less wage for the same amount of work. But answer me why can't they dress in a way that makes them feel comfortable and happy? Why can't they sit and pray and hope for the pain to end ? That blood is the one which brings a new life on this planet then why is it considered unholy? Why do they receive less wage than men? There are many single mothers and daughters who have to work hard to be where they are and run a home and take care of everyone? Why are they supposed to know how to cook and wash? It's not that they shouldn't but shouldn't men learn these too? Every women that you see In the bus or in a home Is working hard to make ends meet She smiles and talks politely But inside she is crying From the pain in her stomach From the comments about her job From the looks of preying men From the tight dress she has to wear To look presentable for People she doesn't know She fights hard to get where she wants to be She cooks and she washes But the days don't seem to end The tiredness in her eyes makes her look dull And people ask her "are you sick my dear?" She puts on make up to hide the scars and tired face But people say " make up is so fake, natural is the best" Her family curses her For her womb couldn't give a boy but a girl A little girl who knows nothing About the world and how people are But she looks at her mom and smiles Because to her she is her everything Her superhero, her saviour, her lover, her mother. She doesn't need help to fly Just let her be and she will be fine.
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Sometimes people leave and it's okay. Not everyone you meet you is mea
Leaving. Sometimes people leave and it's okay. Not everyone you meet you is meant to walk with you on the long road. You will learn from them and they will too. Never take their absence as something negative. Just because they left doesn't mean that you are less worthy or not good enough. Sometimes people are too much for some and too less for others but what matters is that you find some people to whom you are more than enough. More than what your past is, more than your anxieties, more than your sadness, more than your flaws. You are not the hurt that was caused to you or the not so happy events that happened to you. You are ready more than that. All things have made you stronger and now you walk with a more steady pace and more clear mind. Closure on the topic or the relationship is very important when it comes to someone leaving. You know you can't hold them back. You cannot hold them from their growth. Let them go. It's difficult but it's important. Be thankful for all the time you had with them but now let them go dear one. Just because some people aren't there anymore your life won't stop nor will theirs so the best you can do is carry forward and make a better life for yourself. In the end it's not about who stayed or who left it's the impact they had on your life and time you spent with them. . . #life#growth#aesthetic#healing#acceptance#hurt#leaving#forgiveness#closure#selflove#letthemgo#itsokay
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Change is the only constant. People change. Situation change. Your mind
Change. Change is the only constant. People change. Situation change. Your mindset change. All these changes leads to your growth. Accepting any kind of change is quite difficult because now you are used to what it was before and getting adjusted to new things is quite scary. When you decide to bring small changes in your attitude and your lifestyle, you are growing. In the whole duration of your life you will meet many people and not everyone will stay. You will find new people with whom your wavelength matches. Not everyone is here to stay, remember. "You have changed" this is the most deceiving line as it can be negative and positive. But it all depends on perspective. Some people will not accept the new changes you are trying to bring inside you and take that in a negative manner but on the other hand some will accept your changes whole heartedly and help you grow and understand why you made the changes you did. With every change you step into a new phase of life and with every phase of life you begin to change. You are not what you were 5 years ago and what you are right now won't be what you are 5 years later. Keep growing :') #selflove#growth#change#life#love#spreadlove#helpingothers#aesthetic#healing#acceptance#constant
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Don't give up. 
Maybe you tried and you didn't succeed but that doesn't mean you
Don't give up. Maybe you tried and you didn't succeed but that doesn't mean you will give up on your dreams. Every failure is a reason to try again and improve yourself. Learn from what you did wrong and rectify yourself. Crying over something won't give you any solution. Don't give up on your dreams or likes or people. Sometimes the only thing that one person wants is someone to not give up on them. Maybe you could try and be that person. Try harder each day and find what you want. Work for it. Nothing is ever easy. It hurts but if you feel the hurt is worth it then go for it. There are many people who will tell you that you can't do it but you have to do it. Not to show them but to prove yourself of your own capability. Sometimes you can amaze yourself by how brave you are. But if you love someone let them go. If they return they are yours and if they don't they were never yours to begin with. And as for giving up on love. Don't. Never give up on love. Love will find you don't worry. Love surrounds us and everyone is worthy of being loved. Wait for your happy ending. #selflove#selfcare#dontgiveup#life#growth#peace
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Well school is starting soon. Summer vacations are coming to an end
Motivation. Well school is starting soon. Summer vacations are coming to an end. And let's be honest watching YouTube back to school videos won't give you any motivation. You don't need all those expensive pens and highlighters and what not to feel motivated. You need to feel it. If you want to do it but at same time are not putting that much effort as you need to then there is no point. Your thoughts need to get an action. Work hard but don't burn yourself out. You need to rest too. If your mind is not clear of the junk thoughts you won't be able to take in new information. You won't be able to concentrate. This year we are focusing on our growth and personal development. Drama will always find you but you need to find yourself something more important and that is growth. For every age group their level is difficult. So there is no point in telling seniors that yours is difficult or juniors that their's is easy. Everyone is struggling in their own way with their own goals and growth. Don't rush them to know everything in a day. Push someone to grow and help them. We need to help each other grow. Some tips to help you keep track and take care of yourself- 1. Make a routine. As simple as it sounds it helps. Don't overwhelm yourself with it. Take 2 subjects a day and complete the chapters part by part. Don't over do it and go 5 subjects in a day and one chapter each. 2. Stick to the routine obviously and keep a separate day for revision in a week. Revise everything you studied over the past week. 3. Sleep well. Take breaks in between. Study a part for 45 minutes then take a 10 min break and three blocks of this a 30 min break. 4. During the break time don't use your phone. It affects your eyes and makes you sleepy. Exercise or eat something or take a walk. Change your surroundings. 5. Minimise your social media and the whole of phone time to 1 hour 30 minutes. I think that's enough? It really helps if you stay away from social media when you are studying. 6. Keep a half day break in a week and do all the fun stuff you need to then. . . #growth#selfcare#life#school#stress#backtoschool#aesthetic#college#motivation
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Ending things on a good note.
So what does this actually mean ? no its not leavi
Ending things on a good note. So what does this actually mean ? no its not leaving someone with a note where you have written good. Nope. When we leave something or someone or they do I think it's really important to end it on a good note. Without any arguments or crazy stuff happening. When you end things on a good note your mind is at much more peace. Sometimes we say things when we are angry and not really thinking about what we say or how it may impact the other person. But that's what ending things on a good note means. Even after all that drama you forgive each other and say goodbye. It's like a closure to the whole deal once and for all. There will be no hard feelings, no unanswered questions, no ugliness, no mess. You wouldn't feel so much pain if you see them again. It helps you to carry on. You should never hold a grudge against someone because when they made those mistakes they were young and they were growing, no one is born with all the knowledge and skills and experience. We learn along the way. You helped them learn something and they did too. Maybe ignoring someone or something and not dealing with it helps you move on but it might hurt the other person. You left them with so many questions that now they are too scared of everything. After all those mistakes I don't think any one deserves to be left with so many unanswered questions that keep them awake at night. If you don't want to be in contact with them anymore and things are already messy at least give them a good goodbye. #endingthingsonagoodnote#selfcare#spreadlove#goodbye#growth#peace#messy#leaving#forgiveness#healing . . And if you like Billie Eilish too I am already 89% in love with you♥
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