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🇹🇷 🐱🐕 🇹🇷 (@murattdemirc)
murattdemirc25.11.2018 08:06:58

🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷 Come to turkey 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

Naomi Campbell (@naomi)
naomi25.11.2018 00:01:55


Kho Johan       REAL ACCOUNT 💯 (@khojohan)
khojohan27.11.2018 07:32:36

who agreed to agnez mo collaboration with my beyonce like comment 🔥🔥 #agnezmoxbeyonce 

insta.galeri08.12.2018 08:46:16

Let's make you famous. Come on.

Baller Alert (@balleralert)
balleralert24.11.2018 20:41:02


Ashley Everett (@ashleycmeverett)
ashleycmeverett25.11.2018 03:35:51


Angela Follows 😘😘 (@muvachyna)
muvachyna25.11.2018 04:38:53

These comment further showed how Social Media as taken over our lives. If you don’t post it on social media you “don’t care” or when you finally get around to it you’re “late” Beyoncé sees all the regular news like us, just because she posted today doesn’t mean she hasn’t acknowledged this to Ms Kim’s family and friends. Instagram ain’t law.

andreharrell25.11.2018 02:33:08

I love this.....

Zac Posen (@zacposen)
zacposen25.11.2018 02:03:27


raider diva flores (@raiderdivaflor)
raiderdivaflor26.11.2018 09:05:13

What happened to her are those her daughters

✨VALERIA MARINI✨ (@valeriamarini)
valeriamarini25.11.2018 03:14:13

✨💋 BEAUTIFUL ✨💋 @beyonce 

Kirk (@frost117)
frost11725.11.2018 02:13:30


Monyetta Shaw (@monyettashaw)
monyettashaw25.11.2018 04:19:47


DJ Self (@djself)
djself24.11.2018 23:43:54


Natany Seixas (@nahseixass)
nahseixass02.12.2018 16:32:45

Please Be...25 minutes ? :(

FOLLOW ME❗️ (@miaaaa._x)
miaaaa._x02.12.2018 20:31:32

Y u do u have to be so PETTTYYY 😩what did I do...I live in the U.S how I’m suppose to make it to South Africa I’m BROKE...I haven’t been to sleep yet for you... I feel so violated but I see how u feel... all I want u to know is WATCH YO BACK JULIUS CANT BE WITH U ALL THE TIME😤🤬

Leonardo Santos (@leonardo_stts_)
leonardo_stts_02.12.2018 20:45:30

Beyoncé I´m disappointed in you.

Beyonce Carter (@beyoncecarter._)
beyoncecarter._02.12.2018 20:25:31

You didn’t even give us 25 it was 23

Sami Martinez🥰 (@samiangelica.m)
samiangelica.m26.11.2018 17:05:48

follow me pls 🤠

toniponi (p3ter) (@kaitaankoululainen666)
kaitaankoululainen66626.11.2018 11:09:48


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