The chrysalis that inspired the corset/canvas on which I embroidered the two works inspired by Maria Sibylla Merian. The tiny golden details of the ch - Marloes Dadswell (@bespokecorsetrybymarloes)
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Stephen Gage (@luzsubir)
luzsubir24.02.2019 23:04:52

So cool

Steph Elson (@stephelspeth)
stephelspeth24.02.2019 23:08:08

Incredible work, really beautiful.

juddvilleclaywi25.02.2019 00:41:57

Stunning work! And an honor for Maria.

Lucie Reynolds (@lucilleannr)
lucilleannr25.02.2019 01:44:01


Nanette Logue (@stitchmoser)
stitchmoser25.02.2019 03:43:15

This could by my favorite of yours. The monarch chrysalis is my favorite.

☾ ♡🕯☿ ☤ (@sirenajazmin)
sirenajazmin25.02.2019 04:18:11

As I live and breathe... would love to bestow this one🕸

@ShardsofThread (@shardsofthread)
shardsofthread25.02.2019 05:19:13

Unspeakably lovely... just... yes.

Georgia Kennedy (@strangeterritory)
strangeterritory25.02.2019 06:01:05


NickyG (@spiritual_sommelier)
spiritual_sommelier25.02.2019 06:35:26

Wow!! Work of art 😘

NEWO (@newo_imagery)
newo_imagery25.02.2019 07:39:15

Urrrrgh this piece just makes me so happy! Most beautiful piece I've seen in a long time!

Gwendolyn Snowdon (@gwendolynsnowdon)
gwendolynsnowdon25.02.2019 08:29:40

Wat een kunstwerk! 💛

Patricia Foley (@foleypatricia)
foleypatricia25.02.2019 11:32:24

Beautiful work 🌸

Галина (@ga.lina4057)
ga.lina405725.02.2019 11:41:01


Julio González (@julio.gonzalez.54772)
julio.gonzalez.5477225.02.2019 12:53:11


Marcia Magalhães (@marciamaga2)
marciamaga225.02.2019 14:34:05


Linda Peterson Murdoch (@murdochlinda)
murdochlinda25.02.2019 16:13:43

Incredibly beautiful!!!

Débora Sarrazim (@dsrrzm)
dsrrzm26.02.2019 02:30:08


lacelifeandfire (@lacelifeandfire)
lacelifeandfire26.02.2019 20:33:09

Super like!!!

Jessica Woodward (@sinnimon9)
sinnimon903.03.2019 00:40:49


Denise Costantino🎨 (@ddarchdesignartist)
ddarchdesignartist03.03.2019 19:13:29


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