Can't quite believe the new atelier has been going for nearly six months already. I love spending time here and meeting so many different people who a - Marloes Dadswell (@bespokecorsetrybymarloes)
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jorissuk17.02.2019 21:19:19


Sylvia Mackay (@mackaysylvia)
mackaysylvia18.02.2019 00:01:21

Gorgeous xxx

Aryeo (@maritmico)
maritmico18.02.2019 00:17:45


InkBird (@inkbirdalaska)
inkbirdalaska18.02.2019 05:44:29

This corset is too beautiful for words!

Enny (@enny82_nl)
enny82_nl18.02.2019 06:55:09

@bespokecorsetrybymarloes  I hope to come back someday 🤗😘

Christine Pointer (@christinelovestextiles)
christinelovestextiles18.02.2019 06:59:15

Such a small waist! If only! ❤️

Nanette Logue (@stitchmoser)
stitchmoser19.02.2019 19:35:12

PLEASE show a closeup of the butterfly!

Gigi’s Treasures (@gigitreasures)
gigitreasures24.02.2019 19:33:58

Beautiful 🦋

The Golden Legs of Burlesque (@genieemerald)
genieemerald26.02.2019 17:05:40

I am stunned by how detailed and beautifully made this piece is.

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