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Graham Nation (@grahamnation)
grahamnation30.12.2018 01:33:01

Dream team ❤️❤️

viipan30.12.2018 08:21:56

Bebe rexha is love😻💕❤

EMRE  OKTAN   ꪜ (@emreonliine)
emreonliine30.12.2018 04:12:59

Love me @beberexha  💖

Brittany Paige (Lambert) (@peckisme)
peckisme30.12.2018 00:52:58

I love this picture (and you) 😘

Erald (@eraldcopa)
eraldcopa30.12.2018 00:43:26

it's my birthday. do you wish me happy birthday?

🤟🏾🤟🏾🤟🏾 (@http.rihrih)
http.rihrih30.12.2018 09:21:11

There’s people dying and you worried about someone calling you a friend!? Girl 😭 you act like the guy said “hey lil mama”

↬ lau 🥀 (@bletaperfect)
bletaperfect30.12.2018 00:46:29


bebe | lipa. ♡ (@intoxduarexha)
intoxduarexha30.12.2018 00:44:29

So gorgeous... 😍

belinda nicole❄️ (@shinebrightbebe)
shinebrightbebe30.12.2018 00:43:56


Fan Account Bebe Rexha Brazil (@beebebef)
beebebef30.12.2018 01:03:55


Ali El Sayed🇱🇧 (@aliisayyedd)
aliisayyedd30.12.2018 00:46:07

Omg i know you will never reply but i just want to tell you how gorgeous you are and that the song “self control” from Expectations is everything ❤️

Anis Afkir (@anisafkir)
anisafkir30.12.2018 11:33:03

@cellialarq  👌

Piro💚💙 (@anto.molina22)
anto.molina2230.12.2018 00:44:20

Cute 😍

lizzys.sunshine (@lizzys.sunshine)
lizzys.sunshine30.12.2018 00:44:02

Queen ❤️❤️

Kris 🖤 (FANPAGE) (@walstxrexha)
walstxrexha30.12.2018 00:43:42


Bebe✨ (@b3b3r3xha)
b3b3r3xha30.12.2018 21:37:56

@missbeberexha  what is it?

Arianeiiii (@arianeiiii)
arianeiiii30.12.2018 01:18:44


_🍀_ (@x__halla)
x__halla30.12.2018 01:20:05


alregio (@alregio18)
alregio1830.12.2018 15:05:13

Why do you care if a married man texted you seems like a publicity stunt

BM (@ilvxe)
ilvxe30.12.2018 04:47:43

Queen ❣️

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