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SYMON (@officialsymon)
officialsymon26.12.2018 11:24:37

Beautiful Bebe💕

Jeanette Jenkins (@msjeanettejenkins)
msjeanettejenkins26.12.2018 01:59:23

Merry Christmas Bebe!❤️🎄😊

EMRE  OKTAN   ꪜ (@emreonliine)
emreonliine26.12.2018 03:31:26

So Cute 😤

Hair by Di Marco (@hairbydimarco)
hairbydimarco26.12.2018 01:41:56


J P (@gsusjoon88)
gsusjoon8826.12.2018 01:28:31

Damn what a nice tree 🌲 I wonder who helped you decorate 😂

↬ lau 🥀 (@bletaperfect)
bletaperfect26.12.2018 01:15:32

merry christmas bebe

↬ lau 🥀 (@bletaperfect)
bletaperfect26.12.2018 01:15:42

hope you had an amazing christmas bebe ♥️

ℜ𝔬𝔲𝔦𝔰 (@rouis.91)
rouis.9126.12.2018 01:16:10


𓆩JOUD𓆪 (@o1lldi)
o1lldi26.12.2018 01:14:39


BTS♡ARMY♡FOREVER♡ (@taeneni)
taeneni26.12.2018 01:38:37


Janet (@janettung_)
janettung_26.12.2018 01:15:43

@beberexha  I LOVE YOU. ❤️

Fan Account Bebe Rexha Brazil (@beebebef)
beebebef26.12.2018 02:48:27

Merry Christmas @beberexha 

Gabby💕 (@gabby_sara)
gabby_sara26.12.2018 01:16:19

How was your Christmas? ❤️🎄

David Juarez🇸🇻 (@david.jxrez)
david.jxrez26.12.2018 01:19:06


Shadije Koxha (@shadijekoxha)
shadijekoxha26.12.2018 01:30:01


freckles_man26.12.2018 01:20:07

@brilly_saganome  en serio ya deja der ser igual

💖Trapp💖Queenn💖 (@t._.stayyy._.flyy)
t._.stayyy._.flyy26.12.2018 01:24:40

y'all asking and talking things as if she gon answer she never answers fans and maybe no famous pple will ever do that so y'all with ur stupidness just stop cas she aint gon answer and u kno

Anis Afkir (@anisafkir)
anisafkir26.12.2018 17:50:43

@lunatikzer  viens on saute sur @cellialarq  mdr on va l'écraser miskina elle va nous foutre des coups de balai 😂

Elias Jalal (@elias.jalal123)
elias.jalal12326.12.2018 13:39:46

@mr.haroonmajoor  @bilalamirfaizi  @futurestatom  yanga tan cheqa tayt amada 😂😂😂

jeremy_272926.12.2018 03:18:01

Merry Christmas Bebe

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