On Memorial Day, we remember all those who gave everything for something greater than themselves. It's up to us to not simply reflect on their sacrifi - Barack Obama (@barackobama)
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Wanda (@wanda__woman)
wanda__woman27.05.2019 15:28:44

Best President ever !!!!!!!! 😍🥰 we miss you . You were a class act.

Tameka Nichole 😘 (@tamallen1913)
tamallen191327.05.2019 15:29:24

Spoken like a real president.

karina r🍒 (@karinar__)
karinar__27.05.2019 15:30:43

See this is why you’re our president

Brett Chilton (@brett_hot_chilipeppers)
brett_hot_chilipeppers27.05.2019 15:28:47

Come home, please

Kathy Basil (@chattykcb)
chattykcb27.05.2019 15:33:01

Thank you reminding us of what is important today and for your continuing example of class, respect, values and character...something that is in short supply these days in our country.

Kami (@kam_soblessed_w)
kam_soblessed_w27.05.2019 15:30:49

Forever President🇺🇸🇺🇸🙌🙌

David Giuntoli (@mrgiuntoli)
mrgiuntoli27.05.2019 16:46:53

i miss your core decency

J Savy (@jaheimjackson13)
jaheimjackson1327.05.2019 15:29:14

Miss u 😭💙

cassandra przekop (@cassandra_przekop)
cassandra_przekop27.05.2019 15:28:48

i love you barack.

Nappy Noir (@t__grange)
t__grange27.05.2019 15:30:41

Miss his Leadership.💙👈🏽

Gaby (@gabyyyy____)
gabyyyy____27.05.2019 15:28:43

Yassss Mr. President 😪

1️⃣0️⃣🦶🏽👇🏽 (@bigdonlindo)
bigdonlindo27.05.2019 15:28:21

Happy Memorial Day Mr.President

danny | interesting shit (@danspiracies)
danspiracies27.05.2019 15:32:02

thank you king

🄰🅁🄸🄼 🄷🄰🅂🄰🄽 (@arim_hasan)
arim_hasan28.05.2019 22:13:53

India also need the prisedent as like brackobama if you agree so hit like

lesliecloudette🇩🇴 (@lesliecloudette)
lesliecloudette27.05.2019 15:28:43

I admire you as a person ❤❤❤❤❤

Ella·Tishkoff (@lali_tish)
lali_tish27.05.2019 15:30:31

Thank you for actually talking about the TRUE meaning of this day.❤️❤️❤️ Not sales.

MarcusCaldwell (@caldwellconnection)
caldwellconnection27.05.2019 15:28:14

You are the GOAT of POTUS!!!!

W. Hughley, M.A. (@adesertsnack)
adesertsnack27.05.2019 15:30:38

As ALWAYS, our president says the message beautifully 🤗

verysuebear27.05.2019 15:28:41

We miss you💖

linda (@lindabildesheim)
lindabildesheim27.05.2019 15:27:54

miss you and i ain’t even american

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