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Andrew Still (@still.andrew)
still.andrew24.05.2019 00:09:59

I just want to apologize to you for not voting for you. Now that this president is in office I see how crazy the Republican Party has become. Looking back you were a good president. You have won over someone who didn’t like you before. But I’m sorry I didn’t support you. I enjoy your speeches. I hope you are well and wish you luck.

🄰🅁🄸🄼 🄷🄰🅂🄰🄽 (@arim_hasan)
arim_hasan24.05.2019 20:00:26

Obama lovers hit likes😍

Maura West (@maurawest)
maurawest23.05.2019 23:34:08

Everywhere you go, Mr. President, you give the gifts of grace and love and optimism...I am so grateful to you. Thank you.

Karina Indellicati (@karinarai1974)
karinarai197423.05.2019 23:44:15

Whether you like him or not politically there’s no denying he’s a good human being

Marie Raszeja (@marieraszeja)
marieraszeja23.05.2019 23:56:59

And this is why I am considering the OBAMA foundation in my will!

Abdulhalim Elsanoosi (@elsanoosi)
elsanoosi24.05.2019 00:21:30

Thank God he is gone, faking everything

Donna Reid (@nyjerseygirl)
nyjerseygirl24.05.2019 01:23:22

Obama: the President children run to. Trump: the "man" that makes children cry and run back to their parents.

Michele Payne (@michele.payne.982)
michele.payne.98224.05.2019 03:36:18

Back when we had a President that was fit. Physically and mentally.

Barack Obama Fanpage (@the_obamas_)
the_obamas_24.05.2019 00:00:55

Love you and miss you and your family. ❤️

Thaddeus Jones AKA TEDICAR (@tonkatime56)
tonkatime5623.05.2019 22:50:56

Soo different from the thing that's in office now.. 😟🙃

Ava🌻🌊 (@ava.schafer)
ava.schafer25.05.2019 05:43:54

the white house misses u xoxo

Lisa (@lalm0160_)
lalm0160_23.05.2019 22:17:28

Love you President Obama, thank you for your years of service and for your continuing example of true citizenship!!! The world is a better place with you in it❤️❤️❤️

Matthew (@mattblatt911)
mattblatt91126.05.2019 00:01:01

Trump has done more for America then you ever did for us

Ben Lyons (@iambenlyons)
iambenlyons24.05.2019 01:54:11

Thank you Mr. President for continuing to inspire. YOU are the best of us 💯

kagbabe25.05.2019 23:25:22

Where’s the white kids at? Thought you wanted diversity??? 🤡

mickey☀️🌷🍯✨ (@michaela.deluca)
michaela.deluca23.05.2019 22:20:22

miss u come back

Kennie Boo (@nolatexas)
nolatexas24.05.2019 02:30:47

I am that kid and that kid is me!!!! 🗣Barack Obama Barack Obama🗣

Lynn Fitzpatrick (@fitzpatrick1980)
fitzpatrick198023.05.2019 23:21:40

You are a truly wonderful human being!!!! How you and your beautiful family are missed in the White House!!! So thankful you can enjoy your life to its fullest!!!

Noa (Achinoam Nini) (@noa_nini)
noa_nini23.05.2019 23:31:33

Oh, Mr. President, MY President, OUR most beautiful President ever inside and out. ... Seeing you I don't know if to go dancing in the streets or weep for a week. What's for sure, you never fail to overwhelm me and my heart.

Savitha Patil (@savitha_patil)
savitha_patil24.05.2019 00:21:48

I’m crying I miss u 😭😭😭

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