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Nurse Holly (@mercilesslove)
mercilesslove15.06.2019 14:42:22

@_jessivera  So if J-Lo is our mom, I nominate President Obama to be our new Dad. Please 🙏🏽

Jasmine ♡     17yo💋 (@jasmineee___554)
jasmineee___55415.06.2019 15:33:31

Sexy ears

Gosiadupire (@gosiadupire7467)
gosiadupire746715.06.2019 19:47:22


ACCMElSAYED (@accmelsayed)
accmelsayed15.06.2019 20:14:47


leopoldbaker16.06.2019 05:19:21

Trumps better

muhammadzamanalikhan94 🦁 (@muhammadzamanalikhan94)
muhammadzamanalikhan9416.06.2019 13:16:24


Brooke Donaker (@brookedonaker)
brookedonaker16.06.2019 14:00:05

Happy Father’s Day ❤️ @barackobama 

محسن (@8739.mhsn)
8739.mhsn16.06.2019 14:04:12

، با سلام در نااميدي بسي اميد است خواهشمندم برونده ٩٠٠٣٦٦ دادياري ٨ دادسراي شهيد تولايي اصفهان و برونده ٨٧٠٣٦٢ دادكاه ح شعبه ٦ اصفهان را بازرسي كنيد تا قدرت بي قانوني در دادكستري اصفهان را ببينيد و فكري به حال به ما مردم ستم كشيده بكنيد كاتب قولنامه جعلي در زمان تاريخ قولنامه خرد سال بوده و سواد نداشته است اين احكام خلاف بين شرع و عرف و قانون بخاطر خدا رسيدكي كنيد اعمال نفوذ تا کی در ایران ادامه دارد حق دوستان کپی کنند متشكرم
در دادگستری ها احکام به جهتی از جهات و احتمالا اعمال نفوذ به ناحق و خلاف بین شرع و عرف و قانون صادر می‌شود چرا کسی رسیدگی نمی کند پس مسلمانی که از آن حرف می‌زنید کجاست

Jayesh Bhagwanji Chitroda (@shaddowlesssword___)
shaddowlesssword___16.06.2019 20:34:39

The Indian Hindu Gujarati Men must research about my past ancient history. I am the real champion even women cannot square it with me. Find about google maps and research Sri Krishna and Chitroda family. You will find that i am the only real Chitroda the real bloodline of the King of Chittor and many other great warriors and emperors. Type in Chitrod in to google maps and start unfolding history all you have to do is start matching famous Hindu and international ancient sites and you will see some magic numbers that keep on coming up in distance from point to point. Eg there are nominations of the number 786 resembling Rams Ayodhya and Kingdom. The entire globe was founded by my family as my source is Chi the surname of Mahadev himself. The entire globe was worked out and drawn with the circumference grid from chitrod 786 miles, 1,786 miles, 2,786 miles, 3,786 miles, 4,786 miles etc all the way up to 12,786. There are more Hindu numbers such as 25, 36, 108, 555, etc.. distances and points from one place to another for example Chitrod to Chowghar Zanbil =1,786 miles Chowghar to great pyramid GIza 1,036 miles, then great pyramid Giza to faroe islands north uk = 2,786 miles. All non Hindus and non Indian cannot work for us all NRI's and OCI Hindus are the only ones that can work on this outside India as Hindu India has its own mapping system.🤘🏽

Auri B (@aurilbrown)
aurilbrown17.06.2019 00:23:57

... please come back :(

InternetDuck (@internetduck18)
internetduck1817.06.2019 14:10:50

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Crusher (@tobi_crusher)
tobi_crusher18.06.2019 10:06:35


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