To all who celebrate today, happy Easter from our family to yours! On this day of rebirth and renewal, let’s recommit to love and serve our brothers a - Barack Obama (@barackobama)
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llem_piell (@llem_piell)
llem_piell17.06.2019 15:44:28

I literally love you guys lmao

Francisco (@franciscogarcia7844)
franciscogarcia784417.06.2019 17:06:29

beautiful family may God bless you many greeting and strong hug from the Dominican Republic

G. M .Samar (@samar_071193)
samar_07119317.06.2019 20:56:27

Sir, you are the most luckiest guy that have got such a pity wife, who let you and help you to be world's most loveable President🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 love you sir.

Bernhard H. Poitevien (@iam.bernhard)
iam.bernhard17.06.2019 20:59:17


abdalla (@abdalla_ox)
abdalla_ox17.06.2019 21:48:21

I can't understand why u don't answer my messages! @anaaafiggg 

ethanchen._17.06.2019 22:06:56


farhad karimi (
farhad.k.gh17.06.2019 22:35:37

Best family

WhitnëyWintër (@__internalbeauty__)
__internalbeauty__18.06.2019 02:04:04


7hi1990102718.06.2019 03:25:13


king scorpion (@scoirpio)
scoirpio18.06.2019 18:25:49


Schmid Moni (@monipardisla)
monipardisla18.06.2019 20:46:13


sajadasiyabani (@sajad.asiyabani6)
sajad.asiyabani618.06.2019 21:37:23

ادم ترسو

stay educated (@bridgetbmunoz)
bridgetbmunoz18.06.2019 23:51:59

My family

Kiril_999_zp (@kiril_999_zp)
kiril_999_zp19.06.2019 03:56:26

Обезьяна ебаная

jbeacham4519.06.2019 04:02:19

2 dads and their children lmao

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