Back in 2008, I joined a few staffers for an impromptu Passover Seder on the campaign trail in Pennsylvania — Manischewitz, matzo, and all — and we ke - Barack Obama (@barackobama)
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doménica 🌪 (@domenicamoncayo_)
domenicamoncayo_02.06.2019 17:57:58

It’s very incredible to see this picture, a lot of colored people in the White House, we can see equality, Obama you were an excellent president and I feel proud of your race. Hugs from Ecuador

eva_katz (@eva_katz)
eva_katz03.06.2019 02:59:44

Chag Sameach

💜Emilee🌞Rubin🍁 (@youarelovedsomuch)
youarelovedsomuch03.06.2019 03:24:29

Love the way he looks at her omg

Franklin Copeland (@franknittyhdwoodson)
franknittyhdwoodson03.06.2019 14:03:27

@I  like your Post!

crystal.salinas03.06.2019 15:57:46

Wow. I love you. MY PRESIDENT

shopbestin (@shopbestin)
shopbestin06.06.2019 17:42:37

Well then!

Ryan Elliott (@skeliot361)
skeliot36110.06.2019 21:14:07

Grossest arms I've ever seen... Micheal is aging poorly...

J.felix (@felco2007)
felco200711.06.2019 15:54:23

Now here is a real first family

𝕟𝕒𝕕𝕖𝕣 𝕖𝕓𝕣𝕒𝕙𝕚𝕞𝕚 (@n_ebrahimi.111)
n_ebrahimi.11112.06.2019 04:54:33

اباما،کجایی که یادت بخیر

ENIGMA (@jamesdinverno)
jamesdinverno14.06.2019 21:18:26

‘Lighters Up’ - Lil Kim ⚡️

Ashton Applewhite (@a.applewhite_)
a.applewhite_15.06.2019 11:03:44

i remember 2008, that is when our economy was falling extremely and out overall country was in a low. good thing TRUMP has brought it back up

Afshin_khalilzadeh (@afshin_khalilzadeh)
afshin_khalilzadeh15.06.2019 15:29:06


Mk (@dealss_nyc)
dealss_nyc15.06.2019 23:44:44

You the man Obama !!!!

Mk (@dealss_nyc)
dealss_nyc15.06.2019 23:44:51

Shabbat shalom brother

🎶Hillary.Nahigian🦋 (@h_nahigian)
h_nahigian17.06.2019 01:46:22

What a humble and loving family. You are missed in the White House!

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