Mandela Day is about taking action to change the world for the better. In these young people, I see Madiba's example of persistence and hope. They are - Barack Obama (@barackobama)
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Peter Ereyitomi (@your_father_s_uncle)
your_father_s_uncle18.08.2018 16:07:50

@barackobama  please follow me back I’m your greatest fan🙇🏽‍♂️

Frederic Jose (@fredericjose33)
fredericjose3318.08.2018 17:50:53

#keralafloods,  please help people of kerala which is suffering from heavy floods

Frederic Jose (@fredericjose33)
fredericjose3318.08.2018 17:51:18


Aloe Vera🌿 (@alex.v.the.g)
alex.v.the.g18.08.2018 18:02:45

I love and miss you so much

ana_paula_riso18.08.2018 18:08:06

Miss u, mr president.

KᵢₙG👑ADₑₙ (@h1ni_4)
h1ni_418.08.2018 18:28:16


arjun (@arj_un_p_)
arj_un_p_18.08.2018 18:58:26


Akhil Anil (@_s.o.l.l.y_)
_s.o.l.l.y_18.08.2018 19:01:19


Akhil Anil (@_s.o.l.l.y_)
_s.o.l.l.y_18.08.2018 19:01:32

Kasey Argo (@kaseyargo)
kaseyargo18.08.2018 19:37:59

You singlehandedly destroyed our country in only a matter of 8 years, please tell me how you managed to do that?

ahmadrza_omidi (@ahmadrza_official1)
ahmadrza_official118.08.2018 19:38:49

سنین باجوا سوخوم

ahmadrza_omidi (@ahmadrza_official1)
ahmadrza_official118.08.2018 19:39:02

My iranian

hyper active (@activehyper)
activehyper18.08.2018 19:48:17

Hi.. Is it possible to follow me... I am a good person... Thanks... I have gonah

Marie Clara Pesantes Becerra ( 20:16:56


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