Mandela Day is about taking action to change the world for the better. In these young people, I see Madiba's example of persistence and hope. They are - Barack Obama (@barackobama)
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Sebastian Tolle (@seba_tolle)
seba_tolle13.10.2018 18:47:47


Sindi Melani Putri (@sindimelaniputri26)
sindimelaniputri2614.10.2018 00:15:43

I like you, you inspire me in the next life actually. thank you very much😊

Sindi Melani Putri (@sindimelaniputri26)
sindimelaniputri2614.10.2018 00:22:15

But, please help our cousin of the generation who are experiencing distress over the tragedy of the tsunami in Palu, Indonesia

Suat :( (@19sound07)
19sound0714.10.2018 21:52:32

kardeşim yine ben :D ülkemi çok seviyorum lakin onlar beni sevmiyor yine belirtiyorum mafya değilim...evden çıkmıyorum nerdeyse... çapkın değilim... herşey yalan stop

Suat :( (@19sound07)
19sound0714.10.2018 21:53:01

kardeşim koç holding diye bir şirket var şimdiden içini boşaltın..teşekkürler

Suat :( (@19sound07)
19sound0714.10.2018 21:53:20

kardeşim birde fikret orman diye bir labunya var bu adam tam sırtlan kötü bir adam

Suat :( (@19sound07)
19sound0714.10.2018 21:53:46

obama yengeye selamlar çocuklarını seviyorum Allah a emanet olun

حسن شوکت (@hasan_shokat)
hasan_shokat14.10.2018 22:45:34

Do you hear the voice of the Iranian nation, the corrupt regime suppresses its nation. Iran's nation calls for the overthrow of the regime please save

United BROWN¥€'$ ®» ALL BROWNS (@1000000brownies)
1000000brownies15.10.2018 08:08:41

Mr.B.Obama I wanna shape with you an internacional Moviment Concept & way of living : no division BROWN WORLD = No body white, black, red or yellow. All people are diferents shades of brown...ones more vanila & others more chocolat. BrownieS people all together with Respect. #AfroRespect  we are the old Madrid (Spain) Black panthers but now we are Brownies... I think the people with more power must know about Brown World to stop racism at all. We delete that word. We are positive people. Its basic psicology like when someone Tell: dont think about red car...the first thing tu think is a red car. We must stop speak bout racism... If yu tell we are all brown's you think positive vibration... RESPECT MR.B.Obama & Blessing 2 yur Fa.

Jenn Lovee (@jennlovee13)
jennlovee1315.10.2018 16:44:20

Christopher Columbus should be replace with Mandela Day

УСЯ (@magomedzagirosmanov)
magomedzagirosmanov15.10.2018 18:12:10


Annie Moon (@gamecube_rumble_pack)
gamecube_rumble_pack16.10.2018 06:56:03

I miss you Obama you were the greatest president we ever had

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