Mandela Day is about taking action to change the world for the better. In these young people, I see Madiba's example of persistence and hope. They are - Barack Obama (@barackobama)
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annmarie nielson (@annmarienielson)
annmarienielson16.11.2018 06:36:50

🙏🏼 Amen ♥️

Agaly De Jesus (@agalyboo)
agalyboo16.11.2018 15:29:28

Been to the island

found8waldo19.11.2018 14:08:40

@barackobama  how lovely ... 👁

grazyna sapalska (@grazyna.sapalska)
grazyna.sapalska19.11.2018 19:04:03


V (@vhicardoso)
vhicardoso20.11.2018 00:16:55


Bita Guette Bitta (@bitaguette)
bitaguette21.11.2018 00:34:04

Respect life ❤️❤️❤️💪❤️❤️

Ross Knauer (@rossknauer)
rossknauer22.11.2018 19:44:12

I love how everyone is saying offensive stuff to Nelson Mandela when he stopped apartheid

#fucking Awesome$$ (@hbkdoperiley)
hbkdoperiley26.11.2018 06:39:32

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Kai (@imkaishing)
imkaishing30.11.2018 16:04:02

Both are Failures

Brian Garcia (@braingarcia)
braingarcia01.12.2018 04:10:52

Love how active you still continue to be with the public. The working class sees you for your great heart and generosity.

dunk_xavie808 (@dunk_xavie808)
dunk_xavie80804.12.2018 20:45:53


dunk_xavie808 (@dunk_xavie808)
dunk_xavie80804.12.2018 20:45:59


Mei Good (@officialmeaningfulcreations)
officialmeaningfulcreations08.12.2018 19:12:34

Please share and spread this #gofundme  🙏🙏🙏

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