Happy Valentine’s Day, @MichelleObama. You make every day and every place better. - Barack Obama (@barackobama)
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Juan Pasquau (@jpasquaulope)
jpasquaulope17.10.2018 23:46:27

Yo era un pobre infeliz hasta que he visto tu brazo de mierda

V I C T O R I A (@victoriamelara_)
victoriamelara_18.10.2018 00:10:07

Y esa trans se estados unidos

V I C T O R I A (@victoriamelara_)
victoriamelara_18.10.2018 00:10:10


Endra Sikumbang (@endraharya)
endraharya18.10.2018 01:19:48

Selamat pagi Tuan Obama..Datang lah lagi ke INDONESIA...

Emi Marku (@markuemi)
markuemi18.10.2018 17:04:37

I feel blessed to have meet such great people as you, thanks for making my life better 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻

bharanaqyyan  aaa (@behrooz_aaa)
behrooz_aaa19.10.2018 00:19:41

very good All day from happy

bharanaqyyan  aaa (@behrooz_aaa)
behrooz_aaa19.10.2018 00:20:29

I'm sorry not speak English

bharanaqyyan  aaa (@behrooz_aaa)
behrooz_aaa19.10.2018 00:21:31

just for you like

babylini (@linitamibaby)
linitamibaby19.10.2018 12:06:14


babylini (@linitamibaby)
linitamibaby19.10.2018 12:06:28


Leslie Weber (@hildawins)
hildawins19.10.2018 14:13:12

So proud of you both and appreciate your service to our country. Please step in! LOL

BB (@fiercegirl2011)
fiercegirl201119.10.2018 14:59:49

Beautiful couple!

หзδд (@_._pxy_._archer_._)
_._pxy_._archer_._19.10.2018 18:25:18

you are murederer of iranian

Tayane Dutra (@tay_oliverdutra)
tay_oliverdutra19.10.2018 19:13:04

Eh uma pena não terem apoiado no presidente. .#17 

😊###FARHAD###😉 (@del_tang17)
del_tang1719.10.2018 19:39:35

ننتو گاییدم

carima_ denon (@carima_ahmadi)
carima_ahmadi19.10.2018 19:55:30

Barac Obama Hellow!!!

Shannon Eckerman (@seckerman74)
seckerman7420.10.2018 00:30:21


Shannon Eckerman (@seckerman74)
seckerman7420.10.2018 00:30:43

Sweetest couple ive seen

Felicia Mathis (@feliciamiranda_ladyfee)
feliciamiranda_ladyfee20.10.2018 01:23:28


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