Happy Valentine’s Day, @MichelleObama. You make every day and every place better. - Barack Obama (@barackobama)
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Julio Quintanilha (@quintanilhajulio)
quintanilhajulio18.08.2018 19:33:28

The best !

voilier naturel (@voilier2311)
voilier231118.08.2018 19:56:51

Ils sont magnifiques tous les deux.

Barış Kolan Kolan (@bariskolan)
bariskolan18.08.2018 20:26:50

Hı mr Barack Obama have a nice day i am imam mahdi fırst of all ı would like to tell you that ı dont have any cycological problem i am the real son of prophet mohammad and ali and fatima Who iş the servant of people to get their hüman rights and live in peace and fruitfull future strong and happy life and to destroy the evil which iş Bring Wars hate and abuseation of people s happiness money future and religions in their hearts and minds dirty especially the islam that abused and captured by un authoritried people by prophet mohammad and god dear mr obama jesus is a live and lives in argentina la pata and me imam mahdi lives in İstanbul middle east both of us are ages 38 40 and the world iş not good place to live economical crissis Wars and abuseation by un measurement deliver of the people rights and their pyhlosopies the way of lifes christians says muslims are disbilievers and muslims says same to them jewes are not understandable How ever god iş all of hüman been and god and protector nobody Will go to hell because of his or her belief this iş a choice and way of life the important issue iş Justice peace and Power Who s effort iş lovely with god god iş lovely and loves you all his creation and you cannot criticize hım that he loves wrong way islam followers better than other religions or hüman of his creation this iş devil that they pray and believe god iş merciful and the Power of Justice muslims are unfortunately captured by evil philosophy and teachings to their minds social life and hearts muslims are lack of civilisation law business and social life and Justice due to that they have always problems with the world dear mr obama jesus nickname iş Michael matias franco and my name is barış kolan means peace and generation jesus and me are authorised by god allah cc and prophet mohammad if you have any questions ı can answer to you ı am the Last imam and the prophet link with prophet mohammad and authorised person Who sent for peace Justice love means islam salam to your father and your muslim african cousin s and sister and please tell to amerikan muslims that they have to live as an amerikan and follow the their hearts and love do not follow wahabees or

Barış Kolan Kolan (@bariskolan)
bariskolan18.08.2018 20:28:37

Sheeism by created by ıran all of them are wrong Ways and make their life worst

udkm_bitch18.08.2018 20:30:56

I beg, please come back as president

Barış Kolan Kolan (@bariskolan)
bariskolan18.08.2018 20:34:36

İf you have any questions ı can answer also ı can Proof myself that ı am the awaiting öne thank you have a nice day i live in İstanbul my family company iş kolan hospital group www.kolanhospitalgroup.com

Barış Kolan Kolan (@bariskolan)
bariskolan18.08.2018 20:34:54


Barış Kolan Kolan (@bariskolan)
bariskolan18.08.2018 20:35:29

My majör iş international trade and industry developement and business

Barış Kolan Kolan (@bariskolan)
bariskolan18.08.2018 20:35:43

Thank you have a nice day

rakel71418.08.2018 20:55:25

Bella pareja 👫....

You Know My Name. (@kodakk.k)
kodakk.k18.08.2018 21:08:40

We miss you. Come back.

Lucia Briceno-Lara (@luciabricenolara)
luciabricenolara18.08.2018 21:17:37


Reuben Federer (@that_reuben)
that_reuben18.08.2018 21:46:04


Barış Kolan Kolan (@bariskolan)
bariskolan18.08.2018 22:12:50

Dear mr obama ı am kidding with you because you are funny like me you couldnt Bring democracy and Justice to the middle east ı am not imam mahdi

Jean Mikhael (@jeanmikhael6)
jeanmikhael618.08.2018 23:12:41

Ur just a sick dirty hiv disease

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