Happy Valentine’s Day, @MichelleObama. You make every day and every place better. - Barack Obama (@barackobama)
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Barry Parker (@bipparker2101)
bipparker210125.05.2018 12:05:59

@pacmantv_ent  Now plebeian colored boy from the wrong side of the tracks - I will now use one of the lines that you morons use regularly - GET A LIFE and stop living in cyberspace with no real friends. By the way, Obama was a failed token and sucked. LMAO.

Barry Parker (@bipparker2101)
bipparker210125.05.2018 12:08:00

@pacmantv_ent  LOL - I see you use the expression BRUH - I guess you and your parents weren't Harvard MBA graduates - LMAO.

Barry Parker (@bipparker2101)
bipparker210125.05.2018 12:16:03

@anacarolinadias87  Hi plebeian loser - LMAO.

Arya Chauhan🏋️‍♂️ (@aryachauhan6)
aryachauhan625.05.2018 12:19:36

Sir we want u again as a president

Patrícia Cândido (@patriciacandido0611)
patriciacandido061125.05.2018 12:37:39

@barackobama  Samuel asks for help to live, please someone do something. It's a request for life, please help! @ajudeoguerreirosamuel 

sharelle haddad (@sharxlle)
sharxlle25.05.2018 13:10:53


Mirtha Gladys Perez (@mirgperez)
mirgperez25.05.2018 13:18:18

Todo un caballero 😍

Rafael França (@rafaelfranca5003)
rafaelfranca500325.05.2018 13:42:26

comes to be president of Brazil. please 🙏🙏🙏

Rezvan-khaghani (@rezvankhaghani)
rezvankhaghani25.05.2018 14:47:55

💞💞💞💞im living Iraniiiii😘😘😍😍

deborah*jamilly (@_deeh_07)
_deeh_0725.05.2018 15:22:08

Volta pra casa Branca

ElmarC Dela Peña (@elmarcdpena)
elmarcdpena25.05.2018 15:23:26

Hello. Im kindly asking for your help please. I have leukemia and my only chance for survival is a bone marrow transplant. We are appealing to you to help us raise additional funds. For donation, please click the link on my bio. Thank you!

"MELLO" (@shahmeer.ali_2002)
shahmeer.ali_200225.05.2018 15:40:35

Watch my story

Fabio Calizario (@fabiocalizario)
fabiocalizario25.05.2018 16:30:24

Could you be the president of Brazil

Evelin Carvalho (@evelincarvalho6353)
evelincarvalho635325.05.2018 16:30:54

Melhor casal 😍😍

Andre Schneider (@andre.g.schneider)
andre.g.schneider25.05.2018 17:10:15

@barackobama  seja nosso presidente por favorzinho 😊

milad🎱Ahvazi (@na.der7293)
na.der729325.05.2018 18:58:36


Farhad_nadarloo (@farhad_nadarloo1359)
farhad_nadarloo135925.05.2018 20:38:03


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