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Pamala (@pamalalundy)
pamalalundy21.05.2018 13:42:57

rimettendo ciascun di questa risma

luke strickland (@lukestrickland_)
lukestrickland_21.05.2018 15:58:15

Worst president of all time 🙌🏼

Ghori Broadflame (@ghoribroadflame)
ghoribroadflame21.05.2018 16:35:46

Gesamte Landsgefalle Zehnten Zinsen Beth

Luke Evans (@bflmpguyy)
bflmpguyy21.05.2018 21:13:33

Didn't know you had 6 fingers on your left hand!

Thomas Hobman (@thomashobman)
thomashobman21.05.2018 22:36:02

Yeah I remember those artists. Kehinde liked painting pictures of a black "hero" holding the bloody decapitated head of a white person. I can't wait until that picture is the only thing left of your corrupt legacy. Enjoy Gitmo, Soetoro.

Juancho Lardizabal (@juancho_lardizabal)
juancho_lardizabal21.05.2018 22:50:08

Obama, the worst president in modern history

Janelle S (@jansm913)
jansm91322.05.2018 00:49:55

They can frame it as the worst president of all time

Kai (@imkaishing)
imkaishing22.05.2018 03:19:14

Obozo you will be behind bars soon 🦍 you crook. You should be put in a zoo cage

Amandagrace (@hittingthegspot)
hittingthegspot22.05.2018 04:51:43

Ahhhha ha ha👋🤣ha ha ha ha ha😂ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Ahhhha😂😆ha ha😂ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha h👋🤣 Ahhhha ha 🍃🌿🍃🌵🍃🌿👌🧐

taleatell (@taleatell)
taleatell22.05.2018 04:57:10

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Warner (@warnertrejo)
warnertrejo22.05.2018 10:04:07


Shawna Hughes (@shhawana)
shhawana22.05.2018 10:22:35

Nice left hand Barry!

Moon_in_the_day_tv (@moon_in_the_day_tv4228)
moon_in_the_day_tv422822.05.2018 12:02:18

Remember your nonbelif in God

ags.antchrist muhammed(ali)iam (@real_talisman_jr_wizard_oz_ags)


sararave (@sararave8_)
sararave8_22.05.2018 17:04:50

parece el vestido de los 15ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Maryetta (@maryettaadamson)
maryettaadamson22.05.2018 20:02:18

Die Reste von Geschopfen die gelebt

↗Frankⓙ↙ツ (@frank_j1618)
frank_j161822.05.2018 20:40:08


Jd (@jd.7566)
jd.756622.05.2018 22:28:49

Burn that ugly painting! Osama

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