Is it just me or has 4:20 in Cali felt just a little more special since the beginning of the year 😉. Either way make sure you start the weekend off ri - BakeBros™ (@bakebros)
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#joshthevaper for feature (@joshthevaper)
joshthevaper06.01.2018 00:24:46


Ducky (@duckyremington)
duckyremington06.01.2018 00:26:39

This is awesome

Mozerik (@mozerik)
mozerik06.01.2018 00:42:09

I wantttt

Cannabis 🦉 (@cannabis)
cannabis06.01.2018 01:42:10


hemperco06.01.2018 04:36:40


Mary Jane's Genetics (@janesgenetics)
janesgenetics06.01.2018 09:39:15

Awesome content!

DudeWheresMyMeme (@dudewheresmymeme)
dudewheresmymeme06.01.2018 14:33:50


Accepting Right Now! (@no.body_special)
no.body_special06.01.2018 15:02:35

Dope afd

Mzz_idgaf_ck6 (@mzz_idgaf_ck6)
mzz_idgaf_ck606.01.2018 15:36:44

Way to start the weekend!

Savage Sweet & ALWAYS High (@satansmuze)
satansmuze06.01.2018 17:13:40

dope ass piece

trikvapor (@trikvapor)
trikvapor08.01.2018 10:39:59

holy cow..... you are plainly getting so much better!! keep up the elegant work 😋😍 👍

you can call me “jo” 🤘🏾 (@theurbanuplifter)
theurbanuplifter09.01.2018 19:58:34


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