SEPTEMBER 12, 2019 
We’re coming back to NY for the #DIAMONDBALL to benefit #CLF !! Follow @claralionelfdn for ways to donate, and the announcement of - badgalriri (@badgalriri)
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Clara Lionel Foundation (@claralionelfdn)
claralionelfdn14.05.2019 19:47:11


Zac Posen (@zacposen)
zacposen14.05.2019 19:49:51


Van Lathan (@vanlathan)
vanlathan14.05.2019 21:26:30


Miles Diggs (@diggzy)
diggzy14.05.2019 22:46:23

Cant wait !

Cypress Hill (@cypresshill)
cypresshill14.05.2019 19:48:46


Lyubomir Dochev (@ldochev)
ldochev14.05.2019 20:05:03

That time of the year 🙌🏽💎💙

Dennis Leupold (@dennisleupold)
dennisleupold14.05.2019 20:27:15

💎 💎 💎

Cyrene Tankard (@cyrenelovette)
cyrenelovette14.05.2019 21:17:50

Imma pull upppp 👀👀👀

Amira & Kayla (@djsamiraandkayla)
djsamiraandkayla14.05.2019 19:46:40


GotDamnZo (@iamzoie)
iamzoie14.05.2019 20:11:01


Landon Romano (@landon_romano)
landon_romano14.05.2019 20:26:41

I’m coming Periodt

Destiny Owusu (@ohwawa_)
ohwawa_14.05.2019 19:48:40

Ok but how can I sneak in cuz I’m poor

Tonmoy ahmed (@tonmoy_ahm)
tonmoy_ahm15.05.2019 18:13:57

I love it😘

ea.j__14.05.2019 19:50:22

Thanks, but new music

badgalriri (@vidsforih)
vidsforih14.05.2019 19:48:03

if you don’t perform at your OWN ball, i’m gonna be very upset😭

Jay Mazini (@jaymazini)
jaymazini14.05.2019 19:47:30

This is amazing Riri. God bless you, this world is going to be a place God willing. Appreciate your soul 🙏🏾♥️

Junior Cabral (@aniqu1lador)
aniqu1lador14.05.2019 19:48:26

Vai performar lá? Ou vai montar barraca de calcinha e maquiagem?

badgalriri (@vidsforih)
vidsforih14.05.2019 19:50:41

hey i know ur annoyed by everyone begging for the album. so what if you just release it and no one will complain anymore😊

RIHANNA 🇧🇷 (@rihannaxbrasil)
rihannaxbrasil14.05.2019 20:04:43

Robyn, you can't imagine how much we Brazilians love you 🇧🇷, I've been here with this Fan Club for exactly 3 years, one of my biggest dreams is you give an attention here on the page, you support Fcs from all over the world and no Brazilian, Robyn realizes this dream and begins to follow here, please. We love you. 🖤🙌🏿👑

Shalom Blac (@shalomblac)
shalomblac14.05.2019 20:31:31

Sooooo can I come? 😭

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