@fentybeauty is officially taking over the UK! I’m here to announce our brand new partnership with @BootsUK !! Look out for us at locations from MAY 1 - badgalriri (@badgalriri)
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Nadia Rose (@nadiarosemusic)
nadiarosemusic03.05.2019 12:30:08

Come thru UK 🇬🇧😍

slickwoods03.05.2019 12:26:26

Not boots tho we live bbyyy

Hayden Williams (@hayden_williams)
hayden_williams03.05.2019 12:40:47


Leomie Anderson (@leomieanderson)
leomieanderson03.05.2019 12:39:10

Wowwwww YES!!!

Cyrene Tankard (@cyrenelovette)
cyrenelovette03.05.2019 13:36:09

You better!!!!

Cypress Hill (@cypresshill)
cypresshill03.05.2019 12:25:32


YOON (@yoon_ambush)
yoon_ambush06.05.2019 11:39:58


J E S S I E . J (@jessiej)
jessiej03.05.2019 12:18:38

YES 🔥😍

Tara (@badgaltar)
badgaltar03.05.2019 12:29:58

do you hear me screaming wow

Bilal Al Quraishiℹ️ (@bilal.alquraishi)
bilal.alquraishi06.05.2019 12:10:30

❤️👏 love from Qatar Doha 🇶🇦🇶🇦😍

Jayde Pierce (@jaydepierce)
jaydepierce03.05.2019 12:49:32

Yes girl!!!

Cuppy (@cuppymusic)
cuppymusic03.05.2019 12:24:43

Wow 🇬🇧

Baller Alert (@balleralert)
balleralert03.05.2019 12:58:16

FENTY BEAUTY BOOTS itchbhay 💃🏽💁🏽‍♀️

Creator-Illustrator-Painter (@riniadataram)
riniadataram03.05.2019 12:27:07

When in the Netherlands sis 🤷🏾‍♀️🙋🏾‍♀️🙋🏾‍♀️😍

Melvin (@melvinfenty)
melvinfenty03.05.2019 12:35:08

YASSSS 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

JaeCraves (@jaecraves)
jaecraves13.05.2019 17:23:41

Yummy😍, check out my page when you get a chance pls

Ayomide Hammed (@middeglam)
middeglam11.05.2019 15:28:30

You've taken ova!

𝒮 (@puchidolll)
puchidolll09.05.2019 22:40:23


S e r e n a (@serena_.s)
serena_.s11.05.2019 15:49:40


RIHANNA (@fullrih)
fullrih11.05.2019 15:40:01


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