Aye!! Just dropped da new @savagexfenty FW ‘18 collection. Check out all the styles featured in the #SAVAGEXFW18 show tonight and be the first to get - badgalriri (@badgalriri)
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Mal (@mallorymerk)
mallorymerk13.09.2018 01:56:25

You killed it

Jade Novah (@jadenovah)
jadenovah13.09.2018 02:05:48


fentybeauty13.09.2018 01:53:59

C’MON NOW!! 🙌🏽🙌🏽

savagexfenty13.09.2018 02:01:14

Ayyy! 🙌

Paris Hilton (@parishilton)
parishilton13.09.2018 01:54:54

Stunning!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Hayden Williams (@hayden_williams)
hayden_williams13.09.2018 02:13:33

Black Poison Ivy!!! 😍 This shot is everything & the show/collection was 🔥🔥🔥

Miss Quad (@absolutelyquad)
absolutelyquad13.09.2018 12:48:36

@badgalriri  Biiiiiitch you look killer!!!😍

Trè Samuels (@trejsamuels)
trejsamuels13.09.2018 02:11:55

Real life angel.

Evelyn Lozada (@evelynlozada)
evelynlozada13.09.2018 03:25:45


katrina (@trinarockstarr)
trinarockstarr13.09.2018 05:32:36


tAzArnold aka TI$A® (@tazarnold)
tazarnold13.09.2018 03:49:03

$ O 🔥™

_Tej_J (@_tej_j)
_tej_j13.09.2018 19:38:00

Nicki is KNOWN to be a bully in the industry. Multiple women and men have said this. I don’t think that Cardi has everrrr portrayed something that she is not. She still says she is hood, a girl from the Bronx. Wearing expensive couture won’t change that an she had repeatedly said it. But using post pardon depression as an insult is wrong and more with all the women who go through it. You don’t also mention their kid and act like you haven’t been talking shit. I was all about Minaj before, but she has only proven to be a bully

Lyndiana Ambroise (@lyndianaambroise)
lyndianaambroise13.09.2018 11:37:00

She looks pregnant

Tanya Thelwell (@tanyathelwell)
tanyathelwell13.09.2018 14:12:08

You look pregnant. Congrats if it's so.

Dez (@2hot2hndle)
2hot2hndle13.09.2018 15:05:31

Is she pregnant?

IamAzehcAdenip (@iamazehcadenip)
iamazehcadenip14.09.2018 10:58:34

Chrisbrown liked it! Haha! 😍

Baller Alert (@balleralert)
balleralert13.09.2018 02:05:25

Hey boo hey

Halle Berry (@halleberry)
halleberry13.09.2018 01:52:31


Donjazzy (@donjazzy)
donjazzy13.09.2018 14:04:52

Oya hit me. 🧚‍♂️

حسادت (@giorgisarmani)
giorgisarmani13.09.2018 16:09:51

@badgalriri  please follow @iamcardib  back now u know nicki is a bully

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