It’s finally time!! My special edition @claralionelfdn @fentybeauty #DIAMONDBALLOUT Highlighter is out now & 100% of sales go completely to #CLF!! Pic - badgalriri (@badgalriri)
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abdipmngks11.09.2018 18:06:54


abdipmngks11.09.2018 18:06:55


abdipmngks11.09.2018 18:06:56


NubianRose (@rose.sash)
rose.sash11.09.2018 21:50:12

I love your products just got em for my sister's bday

Ce’ (@ceeliia_)
ceeliia_12.09.2018 14:04:02


PadmaKuttu (@padma_kuttu)
padma_kuttu13.09.2018 14:22:31


E. Smith-Joe (@miss.esj)
miss.esj15.09.2018 02:22:16

@khianastaypretty  this one

Chris Ellis (@realchrisellis)
realchrisellis15.09.2018 15:22:45

Dope 🔥🔥

Call Me Fraenkie (@fraenkiee)
fraenkiee17.09.2018 09:13:24


Arôñ Tž (@_aron_tz)
_aron_tz17.09.2018 12:35:54


Master Troy Crith (@troy_crith2)
troy_crith217.09.2018 17:27:05

This is bull shit deen!!!

Master Troy Crith (@troy_crith2)
troy_crith217.09.2018 17:27:21


😁 (@msrositamaria)
msrositamaria19.09.2018 05:23:56

Beautiful color. I'd prefer this over Tom Ford & Cardi SMDH 🤦🏽‍♀️

AnthonyFerreira � 🇫🇷 (@ferreira_anthon1)
ferreira_anthon119.09.2018 13:49:47


AnthonyFerreira � 🇫🇷 (@ferreira_anthon1)
ferreira_anthon119.09.2018 13:49:50


Claudia (@just_bsing)
just_bsing19.09.2018 22:56:45

Follow me, so sad 😭

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