tried to tell y’all bout the God I serve!! won’t He do it tho???!
Congratulations to all the ladies and the entire team that was a part of this projec - badgalriri (@badgalriri)
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Master Troy Crith (@troy_crith2)
troy_crith230.08.2018 09:47:53

🐸🇺🇸my blanky nite

Tijera Slack, MAOM, HRM ❤️ (@latijerablvd)
latijerablvd30.08.2018 16:19:40

Congrats!! 💯

M☠️O😈N💜I☠️C😈A🖤 (@theyhate.monii)
theyhate.monii30.08.2018 23:33:38

Yes he'll do it, he said he would!!

Susan Carson (@susancarson7558)
susancarson755831.08.2018 21:58:12

Right on! 🎶♥️🎶🇨🇦😊💕

Freddie (@freddie1fish)
freddie1fish03.09.2018 18:06:06

Awsomeballs!! 😍😎

shinnu (@mr.shinnu_143)
mr.shinnu_14306.09.2018 02:37:37


Thatfugginguycooks (@thatfugginguycooks)
thatfugginguycooks07.09.2018 02:22:15

No youre just lucky

Matthew Sayersz (@matthewsayersz)
matthewsayersz10.09.2018 12:35:50

Which God ?

😎 (@mrs.love_lexi)
mrs.love_lexi12.09.2018 04:40:39

You was great on ocean 8. Love it!

🇱🇰🌊🇬🇧 Janine (@starjanine1)
starjanine113.09.2018 06:24:21

L❤️VE I saw it in the cinema I loved it Well Done 👏🏽

Quie Leonel Fondo (@quieleo)
quieleo13.09.2018 19:27:06

Dead pool is dumb

Chan (@slim_thick_silk)
slim_thick_silk13.09.2018 23:02:50

Yessss Girl....#BajanLanguage  #IssaDialect  #GuhHomeYahLilShite  #246EnnuhRock  @badgalriri  big up yahself nigguhhhhh😜😛 #BlessedLove  #OCEANS8  @oceans8movie 

beard love cpt (@beardedcpt)
beardedcpt17.09.2018 21:35:31

The thing you serve, will always give you but he also takes from you. #eyeswideshut 

-Hydra † (@hydra_official)
hydra_official18.09.2018 10:09:21


N e s s i (@zennessi)
zennessi18.09.2018 19:22:14

I loved this movie & I loved your character. Thank you 🙏🏼

ogbujack (@ogbujackson)
ogbujackson23.09.2018 17:42:11

Lol ...god with two horns and a tail

ogbujack (@ogbujackson)
ogbujackson23.09.2018 17:47:19

U mean sasha like beyonce professed

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