More heat for the summer! Must have lip luminizers in 2 sets #SUMMERDAZE and #SUMMERNIGHTS .....full #BeachPlease collection on May 21st … 
@fentybeau - badgalriri (@badgalriri)
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👀TismeYes👀 (@_toupou_93)
_toupou_9317.07.2018 15:09:17

😍😍 @lil.pemy 

LĒJĀĀY (@mini_locs)
mini_locs18.07.2018 16:28:47


🌹L.e.t.i.🌹 (@tmr_leticia)
tmr_leticia20.07.2018 03:48:44

Ay dioooos 😍❤😶😶❣❣@badgalriri  ROBYN VUELVE A CHILE 😿

African Caribbean Chick👋🏾 (@brownskin_diya)
brownskin_diya22.07.2018 16:55:03


havan_doskii24.07.2018 03:09:32

Fıstık gibi kız

✨Sandy✨ (@sanhoke)
sanhoke26.07.2018 14:55:44

Gal yuh know seh yuh pretty from yuh born
Walk out gal, yuh nah try hard
Dem gyal dem nuh pretty inna real life
You pretty pon di 'Gram an yuh pretty inna real life
Yuh body look good set right, set right
Yuh ting tun up p**** well tight, well tight
Batty clean nah nuh cellulite
An yuh skin jus a glow like peppa light

Regina Treviño (@reginna103)
reginna10330.07.2018 06:30:37

You are gorgeous 🤩🙌i love you so much and you are a inspiration to my and you such a good singer and you have a beautiful voice 😍😍😍🙌

ilo (@ilhmliane)
ilhmliane30.07.2018 18:28:34


Kelly Morgan (@ikellymorgan)
ikellymorgan31.07.2018 06:25:52


H4grandma🙏🏽 (@hbk.mel)
hbk.mel01.08.2018 19:27:35

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @badgalriri 

youngphe2302.08.2018 16:43:11

Don't fall asleep you can't get too dark on me now ☀️😎

Vitória 🔥 (@_byvitoriaferreira)
_byvitoriaferreira03.08.2018 17:20:14


youngphe2306.08.2018 13:42:02

Don't be a lame you know the game & how it goes I'm tryna get choose 😉

youngphe2306.08.2018 13:52:23

I'ma stay up off your Instagram den 🙁

luis (@memberonlyluis)
memberonlyluis07.08.2018 14:37:38


Snap: Juan-5042 (@jean_maistret)
jean_maistret09.08.2018 18:24:21

Je t’aime 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Zahrah👑 (@zahrahh.x)
zahrahh.x09.08.2018 20:20:45

Omg @sanjunimesha2700 

Ray mouala (@raymouala)
raymouala16.08.2018 09:15:40


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