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Carlos (@the_world_with_u)
the_world_with_u10.01.2019 20:50:49

Yeahhhhh lest go bro!

Gareth vd Merwe (@garethvd)
garethvd10.01.2019 20:51:38

So good bro 💥💥💥

謝皓任 (@howard1028)
howard102810.01.2019 20:54:43

So cool😮😮😮

Nat (@salty_red_cow)
salty_red_cow10.01.2019 21:01:02

Sick shot bro 🤘👌👍

Ronan Apaapa (@ronan_apaapa)
ronan_apaapa10.01.2019 21:02:19

Knee scraping along the ground! So close! I want to try mountain biking!

Frank Lin (@frank_lin0016)
frank_lin001610.01.2019 21:06:38

🔥 😍

Alex Cable (@alexcable28)
alexcable2810.01.2019 21:06:46

Fusion God! 😍🔥

aleix cases (@aleixcasesescasany)
aleixcasesescasany10.01.2019 21:09:37


Isaac (@dahawaiian_scooterguy)
dahawaiian_scooterguy10.01.2019 21:18:30

Insane angle dude nice!!!💯

🙋🏽‍♂️ D Λ И (@danielwartinez)
danielwartinez10.01.2019 21:33:15

So dope bro! 👌🏽

Adventure | Travel (@venturevisualvibes)
venturevisualvibes10.01.2019 22:14:55

Full sending it as always!!

Ruth | Traveller ↟ Creator (@ruth_hurst)
ruth_hurst10.01.2019 22:37:10

Jeez demo angles though 🙌🏽

Scott (@ozgreenroom)
ozgreenroom10.01.2019 22:43:42

You make these Fusion pics look so bloody good ..... What’s your secret 🤙🏽

SnapAir 🇦🇺 🇧🇷 (@snapair)
snapair11.01.2019 00:41:27

Shot brother 🤙👌👊

SnapAir 🇦🇺 🇧🇷 (@snapair)
snapair11.01.2019 00:42:23

Do you use the computer for the photos or just on the app?

Stefano Pozzi - Photography 📸 (@ste_pozz)
ste_pozz11.01.2019 06:24:43

Incredible seem like a motogp rider with your knee near the ground😁

Fahed Correa | Gopro | (@fahed_correa)
fahed_correa11.01.2019 06:27:43

Like the blue on the sky such long arm you have mate 😁👏

Lᴇᴀɴᴅʀᴏ LIBERAL (@leandroliberal)
leandroliberal11.01.2019 20:36:50

Definitely need to get my ass to Australia and take my bike with!! 🤘🏼🚵🏼‍♂️ sick shot mate!

Tanja (@tanjasivieri)
tanjasivieri11.01.2019 20:58:59

Absolutely stunning shot 👍🏻😍

Matt Evans (@djmattevans)
djmattevans12.01.2019 15:08:57

Epic shot man! Amazing

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