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ciera.c07.12.2018 23:53:43

The pose is a little weird, one foot and one hand

lowyna (@lowynabusano)
lowynabusano08.12.2018 02:03:51

Can't wait to hear your new song.I love you @avrillavigne  #warriorprincess 

Paul Berg (@pberg1244)
pberg124408.12.2018 04:36:29


JOTA (@jotadeltoro)
jotadeltoro09.12.2018 14:32:26

Much better than the album cover @avrillavigne 

Mario Molina dos Santos Filho (@filhomario)
filhomario10.12.2018 01:05:40


Andrea (@andrea17096)
andrea1709610.12.2018 03:52:57

@_dahhocs  😮😮😮

Emelia Macula (@cutiepiggyme)
cutiepiggyme10.12.2018 04:04:46


bherriex10.12.2018 19:48:55

where did the head above water album pre-order post go ?

michael papaleo@nyjets1 (@pap_michael)
pap_michael11.12.2018 01:11:05

It's never over

Luís.F.Gomes (@luis.filipe.gomes)
luis.filipe.gomes11.12.2018 03:44:12


Rina Tifany © (@this_ugly_world)
this_ugly_world11.12.2018 10:30:53

@mira_justdoityourself  alala... demain

Nikh Beghzr (@nbeghzr)
nbeghzr11.12.2018 15:37:11

@avrillavigne  Hey Avril - It's Over - Your "Win a Signed Fender Guitar Prize Pack from Avril Lavigne" Ended 12/03/18 & your page told me "Sorry, you didn't win." - I submitted to you personally fan notes to HoW; I posted publicly HoW notes added to "All Falls Down" by Kanye West ft Lauryn Hill; I have more fan notes unpublished; I had +5000 entries on the tunespeak, & listened 505 minutes on Spotify, & I did not win. What did the winner do? Can they afford a guitar? Do they play or want to play? I posted 100+ added fan notes to youtube, I want to play, but I cannot afford to buy any equipment/etc. Can your winner afford any equipment? I'm pissed I lost. Show me what your winner did.

Nikh Beghzr (@nbeghzr)
nbeghzr11.12.2018 16:04:52

See also https://plus.google.com/+NikhBeghzr/posts/TC5h7pYBMar & https://plus.google.com/+NikhBeghzr/posts/H6hZ5r1CBvX for my reseach/advice on treating Lyme disease & other microbial factor diseases.

Nikh Beghzr (@nbeghzr)
nbeghzr11.12.2018 18:50:07

See also Avril Lavigne - “Head Above Water” + Added Fan Notes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a3sPIdUoKH0

Avril Lavigne - "Head Above Water": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKF6ghfcQic
Facebook & Nikh Beghzr - Untitled + Added Fan Notes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N0_GZeBMLN4

Nikh Beghzr (@nbeghzr)
nbeghzr11.12.2018 22:13:16

ATTN Avril: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNhWM57-d9c&list=PLkjURt3tZwvooIFJo4KoCAZ__IH-_W9q4

Joanderson Silva (@joandersonsilvaofi)
joandersonsilvaofi11.12.2018 22:27:17

Daria uma bela capa de cd

Nikh Beghzr (@nbeghzr)
nbeghzr13.12.2018 18:00:18

@avrillavigne  If you want me to listen/etc to your music again, maybe give me the signed contest guitar, & another blank guitar, that I'll sign & ship to the 'winner' you selected who is not me (you'd need to be handling shipping/handling) nikh dot beghzr at gmail dot com

pabingsbinggo (@pabings_binggo)
pabings_binggo16.12.2018 13:56:44

I love Tell Me It's Over

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