SO EXCITED to share that @TheAvrilLavigneFoundation now has its own “OFFICIAL” Insta!! Follow it NOW for info on #LymeDisease, updates on our partner - Avril Lavigne (@avrillavigne)
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BAZOOKABUBBA (@bazookabubba)
bazookabubba09.07.2018 16:06:00

Ok Melissa but what about @avrillavigne  's life can we get back to her?

Yohrana Jones (@yohjoness)
yohjoness09.07.2018 16:06:59

Tava achando q era notícia do cd mas de boa e nois te amo

Ric (@rictoller)
rictoller09.07.2018 16:14:05

Girl never start a sentence with “so excited to share” I THOUGHT IT WAS THE SINGLE 💀

MARIAN NISTOR (@marianxn)
marianxn09.07.2018 16:07:32

Where's your new album? We are waiting 🙃

Nisa Weasley Wolfhard🌈 (@arancioneserpente)
arancioneserpente09.07.2018 16:04:51

Kıyafet değil albüm istiyoruz karı

Lucas Gabriel (@taocansada)
taocansada09.07.2018 16:05:32

Vai tomar no cu

Patri loves Octavia Blake ♀ (@_whxtsername)
_whxtsername09.07.2018 16:14:15

Deja de sacar ropa y saca el album ya😭💜

Tuğçe (@ttugce_kbk)
ttugce_kbk09.07.2018 16:08:27


Anna ☄Little🌟Black🌟Star☄MAerle (@annamaerle)
annamaerle09.07.2018 16:11:35

Thank you for your five excellent albums 🤘. your little black stars🌟 are waiting for a new album. Your music is so inspiring and helps survive the difficult moments in my life.🙏 Thank you! 🎵Yea that the reason why I love you, is you.🎵🖤 @avrillavigne 

Avril_SnapChat (@avril_snapchat)
avril_snapchat09.07.2018 16:05:39

YAS QUEEN, already following👏🙌

i can only ✨ (@daniloalagues)
daniloalagues09.07.2018 16:07:03

Cadê o álbum safada? Chegaaa de Abbey !!!

Thayra Machado Cadorini (@thayramachado)
thayramachado09.07.2018 19:24:00


ALABASTER♄ (@iamalabaster)
iamalabaster09.07.2018 16:08:05


Rajesh Kumar (@secrestryan)
secrestryan09.07.2018 16:08:02

@avrillavigne  waiting for ur new album when is it coming out ?? 🤔

Vinicius Leporacy (@vinileporacy)
vinileporacy09.07.2018 16:19:00

Vagabunda te amo

🎼🎶🎵 Avril Lavigne  🎼🎶🎵 (@avrilpedia)
avrilpedia09.07.2018 16:07:05

Please follow me @avrillavigne  ❤ ❤

Caio (@mhyezy)
mhyezy09.07.2018 17:12:05

@lahstrobel  i am sooo excitedddd

ɴothing ever.  happened (@mreson7)
mreson709.07.2018 16:13:25

waiting for new album COVER, at least...

Avril Lavigne (@avrilslullaby)
avrilslullaby09.07.2018 16:10:57

I officially have swag now

Ihyak eL XIII (@ihyak13)
ihyak1309.07.2018 16:10:54

Whats again ? 😥😥 ... youre hoodie is so big size ... 😏😏😏😅

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