Wedding Tip #101
🍾💍Yes a wedding day is technically suppose to be a formal affair according to common belief. However it doesn’t mean it has to be for - Palm Springs Las Vegas Photos (@ashleylapradephotography)
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Destination Wedding Planner (@cristenandcoevents)
cristenandcoevents12.07.2019 14:24:27

The best tip!!! 🎉🙌🏻

The Subscription Photographer (@alexisthegreek)
alexisthegreek12.07.2019 14:25:08

I like the idea of a reception the day before. Gets people more excited and invested on the big day, I think!

Emily Reno Events (@thevegasplanner)
thevegasplanner12.07.2019 14:25:58

OBSESSED with those doorS !!

Winner Circle Events (@winnercircleevents)
winnercircleevents12.07.2019 15:53:30

Pool parties are always fun in #palmsprings  especially when many guests are from out of town. 💕💕

raymie alsobrooks (@facebyraymie)
facebyraymie12.07.2019 21:35:58


Reina Sumabat, Aifd (@fitzgeralds_floral_events)
fitzgeralds_floral_events13.07.2019 14:07:27

Great wedding tips! Love those doors.

Manya Photography (@manyaphoto)
manyaphoto13.07.2019 14:13:04

Those are great tips! Love the colors!

Artisan Events (@artisaneventfloraldecor)
artisaneventfloraldecor15.07.2019 11:30:51


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