I hired #ArleneSanford to assist me while directing today. You can check her credits on IMDB - Ashley Benson (@ashleybenson)
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Alejandra Castillo (@alecastillov14)
alecastillov1413.12.2018 01:13:55

OMG 😍😍😍😍

raquelle martinez (@raquellemar)
raquellemar13.12.2018 04:43:27

is that your mom or beth carter? my friend kailey wants to know.

Keith Anthony Thompson (@mrengish)
mrengish14.12.2018 23:40:46

Happy Christmas.

Estacao Barao (@estacao_barao)
estacao_barao15.12.2018 07:42:14


Lily S (@lilysu_official)
lilysu_official15.12.2018 13:02:04


CrazY_PhotoS_AnD_VideoS (@_f___u___n_)
_f___u___n_17.12.2018 05:47:06


|Savanah✍🏽🍭🍃| (@yourfavorite_nikkii)
yourfavorite_nikkii18.12.2018 02:58:13


Acefamily_edits (@acefamily_fans_page)
acefamily_fans_page18.12.2018 18:42:59

Are you guys going to make another season for pretty little lairs

jewel 💕. (@jewelelyse)
jewelelyse18.12.2018 21:00:57

happy to have u back my fav ❤️

High Hopes 🤩❤️ (@izzy.griffiths)
izzy.griffiths20.12.2018 19:18:03

R they making a new ppl

Hffhhjhgghhtdf (@privateaccountusa)
privateaccountusa23.12.2018 21:38:34

Dude, Is that like your mom?

DILJEET (@thakurdiljeet27)
thakurdiljeet2729.12.2018 16:22:01

Awesome pictures 👍👍

I Quit❤️🙌 (@lovato.fandom)
lovato.fandom01.01.2019 12:02:42


Yasmin (@yasmincomene)
yasmincomene02.01.2019 02:05:34

She is the best

Megan (@megan_ballantine)
megan_ballantine03.01.2019 02:35:25

What are you directing??? @ashleybenson 

marjo (@marjorieandreozzi)
marjorieandreozzi07.01.2019 10:09:31


Penny (@havepenny)
havepenny12.01.2019 00:28:23


LiarsObsessed👑 (@mona.the.best.a.ever)
mona.the.best.a.ever20.01.2019 20:26:11


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