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5 Ups & 6 Downs From WWE Clash Of Champions 2020


If Clash of Champions: Gold Rush marks the end of two longstanding feuds over Raw titles, then it will be a success on its own. But regardless of that, Sunday’s PPV should be celebrated for one major reason: Roman Reigns.

It has been aeons since Roman Reigns has been booked properly, but WWE finally figured out a character that works, and they went all-in at Clash, pitting a resurgent heel Reigns against his cousin Jey Uso. And boy, it did not disappoint. If you do nothing else, watch that entire match with the sound up.

Beyond that, Clash was a decent enough PPV that was for the most part inoffensive, save for one major flaw: the other championship match. Drew McIntyre’s successful WWE Championship title defence was an embarrassment in every sense of the word. WWE writers should be ashamed and forced to apologize to Drew for booking him so poorly Sunday night. He looked like an ineffective joke, not the Scottish Terminator they’ve been projecting for six months.

Aside from the two main matches, Asuka got a pretty decent match out of Zelina Vega, while Sami Zayn delivered a masterful performance in the Intercontinental Championship ladder match. Injuries and illness derailed a few other matches, dampening the impact of the PPV. Still, it wasn’t a bad show, which is saying a lot considering how bad Raw has been of late.

With that said, let’s get to it…

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