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Doctor Who: 10 Most Powerful Daleks Ever

Throughout almost all of Doctor Who's almost sixty-year history, the Daleks have been the deadliest foe to ever cross paths with the Doctor and their companions. These Daleks, however, are the worst of the worst.

First introduced in 1963's The Dead Planet, the Daleks have been a mainstay of the series, always returning with a new plot and new ways of exterminating their enemies. Where there have been drone Daleks and footsoldiers, there have also been insane leaders and rulers.

Across all of time and space, these Ten Daleks are more ruthless, cunning, infamous, and more dangerous than any of the others.

Exterminating their own kind, leading invasion forces and keeping monstrous pets, these powerful Daleks are not only terrifying adversaries but the highest ranking in Skaro's hierarchy. Using specialised weapons, boasting unique designs and memorable evil plans, these Daleks are also the coolest radioactive mutants in the series to grace our screens.

With BBC's Time Lord Victorious reintroducing the Dalek Emperor to the Whoniverse, this list aims to take another look at the Dalek ruling class and its most menacing and interesting members...

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