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10 Funniest Rick And Morty Moments

Humour is a very subjective thing. What may make one person break down into torrents of tearful laughter may make another sit stone-faced. That's why some people love the Three Stooges while others are into Monty Python and yet others enjoy quiet, gentle humour like Garrison Keillor.

Which is why it's difficult to pin down a list of funniest Rick and Morty moments, because the show provides all of these kinds of humour, and more.

Slapstick? Check. Gory slapstick? Check. Clever wordplay? Check. Running gags? Check. Throwaway background jokes? Check.

The moments on this list were compiled by looking at the most highly rated R&M episodes, as well as checking highly replayed scenes on various platforms. Will anyone find it to be the perfect list? Probably not, as Rick and Morty fans are a passionate, dedicated lot with very strong opinions about the show and its culture (see the Szechuan sauce riots of 2017). In fact, this list could probably be 50 or 100 funny moments and still not nail everything.

The 10 selections on the list, do, however, all provide laugh out loud moments from the four seasons of Rick and Morty. And, really, at the end of it, isn't that the point of the show? To make us laugh?

Because if we can't have that, the alternative is that none of us exist on purpose, none of us belong anywhere, and that we're all going to diel

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