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10 Music Artists Who Disappeared From The Limelight

The life and times of being a musician is no easy feat. While it's fun to deliver your songs to a crowd of screaming fans every night, the idea of going on a neverending cycle of album, tour, and promotion tends to wear on even the most stable minds after a while.

There comes a time where you need a break, but these guys took the break quite seriously.

Even though these artists may have been big names in the music scene at one point, there was a time were you heard literally nothing from them. It might seem crazy to turn down a life of fame and fortune, but these guys had had enough and moved on to a simpler life away from the circus atmosphere of the music business.

Hell, even the more celebrated artists who have returned to the limelight over the years have been known to indulge in a bit of reclusion from time to time.

Whether it be to just clear their head or to get as far away from their craft as possible, these musicians ended up pulling their plug on stardom. They may have made magic while onstage, but each of these players pulled off incredible vanishing acts once the spotlight left them.

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