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Overwatch 2 - Gaming Sequels DON'T WORK

Overwatch, needless to say, has been a tremendous success. First launching back in May 2016, it defined the concept of the hero shooter and established some of the most recognisable faces in the sub-genre, from Tracer to Reaper and Mercy.

Overworld immediately established itself as a masterpiece, with players and critics praising its creative characters, bold and brash art style and rock-solid FPS action. In the years since, it’s become an eSport to be reckoned with and an inspiration to a wide array of similar titles such as Paladins.

Blizzard has experienced many ups and downs with Overwatch, but there’s no denying that it’s a well-built and endlessly enjoyable title that’s more than worthy of a follow-up.

After over four years of new heroes, game modes, events, cosmetics and more, Overwatch 2 is confirmed to be in the pipeline. More new characters are on the way, as is a customization system for heroes, a new mode called Push (in which teams battle for control of a robot that pushes an ever-present payload) and a myriad of other additions.

Of course, more Overwatch is never a bad thing, but titling the follow-up Overwatch 2 throws up all kinds of issues. Sequels are very tricky to pull off correctly in the gaming industry, so what pitfalls does Overwatch 2 face and what kind of follow-up is it truly going to be?

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