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10 Video Games That Jumped To Other Systems During Development

Video game development is a tricky business. With hundreds of coders, designers and artists working in unison to bring their creative vision to the masses, they're certainly far more complicated than books and even movies to some extent.

This means that upcoming titles are subject to a ton of changes, be it design, release date or format. Game developers can turn every which way in their efforts to make the best title possible and this comes down to making some difficult decisions. One of these is moving a game to a different system.

Depending on the time to cook, many releases have found themselves shifting away from a system the developer is familiar with. In other cases, a decision is abruptly made to go to a competing console instead. Then you have titles that spent years in development hell, leaping across multiple console generations as they attempt to stay relevant.

Not all of the following games turned out too well, but in this list, it's all about the reasoning behind the move. They all jumped to different game consoles before launch, but did the risk pay off?

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