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10 Video Game Franchises That Just Sat Out An ENTIRE Generation

Often it's a poorly made product that sends a franchise underground, never to emerge for years. Others end up dormant for a litany of reasons; player fatigue is one example. If a franchise becomes over-saturated and the fans begin to tire of the same formula, diminishing returns set in.

Or it could simply be a lack of interest from the developer. With new console generations, developers often take chances with original franchises and these can supersede those that came before, becoming a guiding force for publishers going forward. Several IPs have found themselves outclassed and outsold by contemporaries, their genres reapplied to new settings and design documents.

In other cases, deciding on creative vision and direction for a franchise can be tricky business. How do you best compete with the competition? How do you continue a series without straying too far from what made it work?

These are just some of the many questions that leave creative IPs floating in limbo. At many points, they often sit out entire console generations, lying in wait for their chance to make a comeback.

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