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10 BONE-BREAKING Video Game Moves That Made You Wince

One of the most satisfying moments in gaming is when you defeat an opponent with a devastating special move. Why beat your enemy with a punch or a kick when you can humiliate them with a Hadouken, Fatality or an Omnislash?

Even though special moves are meant to be excruciating, they rarely appear that way, either because of limitations in graphics or a cartoony aesthetic (Super Mario's attacks never look particularly painful even he though he is literally crushing enemies with his butt).

Even if the graphics look realistic, gamers usually don't bat an eyelid while watching characters get decapitated, incinerated or dismembered, because they've become desensitised to digital violence.

But every once in a while, you will see a character perform an attack that looks so unbearably painful, you can't help but shudder. Some of these moves have become so legendary over the years, you see gamers cringe just by talking about them!

Even though gamers know the violence and gore in a video game isn't real, we can't stop ourselves from recoiling in disgust when we see some of these agonising special moves.

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