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10 Terrible Movies That Got ONE Thing Right

We've all had the experience. We sit down in a theatre or at home, ready to watch a film we haven't seen yet, or for a long time, the credits roll...

And within a few minutes you're thinking 'What an utter piece of s**te.'

Sometimes, however, something magical happens. You get a bright spot in the long dark tunnel of a movie you're trapped in, and a set piece or bit of dialogue or brilliant special effect makes you think to yourself 'Huh, well, I got that out of it. It's not a complete waste of my time.'

The movies on this list all fall squarely into this category. While they're not all totally terrible, by any means, most of them are at the very least mindless popcorn entertainment, the kind of movie you put on with friends when you're having a few drinks before heading out to the pub or as background noise when you're sitting at the keyboard working.

But then ...then, something happens that makes you jump back ten seconds on the PVR box or back up the video slider because you can't believe you caught the glimpse you did or heard the words you heard.

Even mindless popcorn can sometimes taste like filet mignon.

With that in mind, let's take a look at ten terrible movies that got one thing right.

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