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10 Biggest Lies Actors Told To Get Movie Roles

In order to be successful in Hollywood, you need to have more than just talent. Millions of people study drama and go to acting classes with the goal of becoming a big star, so what separates them from the small amount of actors who actually make it?

Well, a good agent is always handy, and in this day and age, a large social media following is always going to be a plus. Being in the right place at the right time has also helped several actors jump-start their careers, and then, there are those who tell little white lies - or weave huge, daring webs of deceit - in order to get ahead.

Now, generally speaking, any endeavour that is based on a lie will fall apart eventually, but some actors have managed to successfully ride their false claims all the way through to a finished movie or lucrative career, padding out their filmographies and, in some cases, even earning critical acclaim.

That's not to say there weren't a few bumps along the way, but in these cases, being a cheeky little liar actually paid off.

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