My Number 10 influential movie: the apartment. Masterful story telling. Simple. Honest. Respects the audiences intelligence. - Ashton Kutcher (@aplusk)
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ömer masum (@msgsuoffical)
msgsuoffical05.12.2018 15:26:09


aysegulbegumcan05.12.2018 19:52:29


Mari-Clair Lagan (@mclagan167)
mclagan16705.12.2018 23:35:22

I just watched the guardian for the first time. I am in tears 😭😭😭😭 brilliant movie!

igyeongj199206.12.2018 12:05:10

나에게 힘을주세요ㅜ

Conner Korach (@ckpayton._)
ckpayton._06.12.2018 19:03:03

That’s not a Tator tot that’s a tator giant

Ben Pack (@benpack61)
benpack6107.12.2018 00:56:09


7Hues Hommes (@7hueshommes)
7hueshommes07.12.2018 08:06:15

Jaw-Dropping aspirations 👏🏽👏🏽 📸📸

jon (@jon_marq7)
jon_marq707.12.2018 09:59:54

Bring rooster back!!!! He is not dead!!!!

Ysmar Negrin Betancourt (@_ysmarcita_)
_ysmarcita_07.12.2018 13:20:19

Fuck @theranchnetflix  for killing Rooster!

DJ KILLSHOT (@realdjkillshot)
realdjkillshot07.12.2018 13:54:57

Bring rooster back ffs the show sucks without him

aysegulbegumcan07.12.2018 19:27:15


aysegulbegumcan07.12.2018 23:44:29

one day if i die dont forget i love you only you all of the time and my life

Coreyjablonski (@haywood_jablowme)
haywood_jablowme08.12.2018 03:15:57

How can you act like rooster being off the show was fake? But in reality it was real, we need him back on this show.

lil $osa (@_sosaslime_)
_sosaslime_08.12.2018 05:28:36

How you gonna let Netflix kill off rooster man!

Sav🤷🏼‍♀️ (@slkelly98)
slkelly9808.12.2018 06:12:03

Rooster isn’t DUMB ENOUGH to get himself KILLED! He literally leaves and is dead? Could’ve found a better way... none of y’all even seem to care... it hurts. I was sobbing. I watched that 70’s show growing up. It came on a lot at 10 pm at night and 2 am in the morning. Watched it all the time... and just killing off rooster?.... like another era ended. Bring Rooster back

Eric Mussler (@emussler2383)
emussler238308.12.2018 16:24:29

Love this film! #Classic 

Giusy Aliperti (@clarissa_dalloway_)
clarissa_dalloway_09.12.2018 14:05:12


Maggie Corkery (@magcork12)
magcork1209.12.2018 20:11:03

Wonderful movie and Classic actors thx for sharing @aplusk  💙⭐️🙌🏼

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