When your competition is still sleeping! #work - Ashton Kutcher (@aplusk)
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teresssssaaaa04.12.2018 22:17:59

@viktoriyaaklets  Figo sto qua eh???

in_hyein05.12.2018 05:22:35


Autumn Myers (@myersautumn)
myersautumn06.12.2018 13:12:15

@apulsk  will you please help me convert my husband from Packers fan to bears fan with their self destruct a FaceTime from a famous bears fan outta do it lol. They remedy on dec 16 his bday

Autumn Myers (@myersautumn)
myersautumn06.12.2018 13:12:43

Not just any fan... you!

linda_mgueen06.12.2018 22:17:45

the past-the future...these are so hungry

Micaela Montuori 🌸 (@__micaela94)
__micaela9406.12.2018 22:50:19

Sei messo un po’ male 🙊😂

Valeria Lima (@valeria5744)
valeria574408.12.2018 21:17:51


Jesscia Chapman (@jessefern90)
jessefern9011.12.2018 01:16:55

@aplusk  bring rooster back

💝Official SF 💓 L♡ve Gang 💝 (@speakingfreedom)
speakingfreedom11.12.2018 02:17:22


Melanie (@melmontreal)
melmontreal11.12.2018 02:41:25


Nuggy (@thriftyblazenugget)
thriftyblazenugget11.12.2018 03:03:43


Nuggy (@thriftyblazenugget)
thriftyblazenugget11.12.2018 03:03:50


Olivia Vicary 🦋 (@olivia.vicary)
olivia.vicary11.12.2018 03:51:54

I live in a small town in Illinois. I believe you get your work ethic from the midwest. My parents are trying to teach me this too! Follow me please Ashton. You are an inspiration to many kids like me.

lordsantana_11.12.2018 04:01:21

I want you.

Roma (@rominros)
rominros11.12.2018 16:14:12

Ashton, how can I get the girl back; I have reviewed all your films, please advise🙏🙏🙏

Soy Kay Kay (@kkkaylene_)
kkkaylene_13.12.2018 10:23:45

Love me

Mel (@melaniadesycora)
melaniadesycora13.12.2018 14:11:00

Smoking hot...as usual❤️

begüm (@begum__hodan)
begum__hodan13.12.2018 23:11:13


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