The valley has a new Restarurant!  #goodfood #la - Ashton Kutcher (@aplusk)
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dominiquetinoco10.05.2018 22:16:29

@tinockers  two things I want in the morning

𝙴𝚍𝚐𝚊𝚛 𝚍𝚎 𝙶𝚛𝚊𝚌𝚒𝚊 (@edgar_de_gracia)
edgar_de_gracia10.05.2018 05:35:27

But do they have good vino🍷@pouredapp 

Daniel Acuna (@danacuna09)
danacuna0910.05.2018 05:34:33

@coachjfrench  @nicklachey  @herrothedog  let’s go!!!

Leah Cordova (@leahvioleta)
leahvioleta10.05.2018 05:36:01

@taliaadavis  99¢ oyster happy hour down the street from my place!

Harley Grayson (@1_jedi_princess)
1_jedi_princess10.05.2018 05:21:37

We're at??? @aplusk 

Caroline Waters (@caroline_waters)
caroline_waters10.05.2018 20:08:20

@zara_waters  @sharnewaters  @nadirawaters_05  add an “s” there and it’s us!!

D.J. Waitman (@deej_74)
deej_7410.05.2018 16:50:00

@l_bose  @justinheacock  this place is right by us

🍓Alva 🍓 (@alfalva)
alfalva10.05.2018 12:03:20

Yummm!!  for my birffday?? 😋😋

Gabe Oropeza (@gabrielgold_)
gabrielgold_10.05.2018 05:37:25

Do the have a website? Looks good. @aplusk 

lincerpi (@lincerpi)
lincerpi10.05.2018 05:23:35

@emilymberg  we gotta try it!!!!

Jasmine Kanani (Abrams) (@jasmine_kan1)
jasmine_kan110.05.2018 23:15:59

@shaipezzy  next valley date!

Lauren (@laurenbdoeslife)
laurenbdoeslife10.05.2018 13:19:23

Guessing u own it? #restaurant 

Rafael lira (@rlira23)
rlira2310.05.2018 05:41:32

Kelso ❤️

Callie Kazakoff (@callie_kazakoff)
callie_kazakoff10.05.2018 06:06:03

I first thought this said “food and water” and I thought wow, very to the point point 😂

petecapella (@petecapella)
petecapella10.05.2018 05:21:57

But it’s no @blackmarketliquorbar  right?! 😉

Ariana A. (@arianaass6)
arianaass624.05.2018 06:19:31


Global Film Access App (@globalfilmaccess)
globalfilmaccess10.05.2018 22:16:32

Great Eats!

Melanie_Parker (@msmelanieparker)
msmelanieparker10.05.2018 21:55:13

It’s amazing and needed in the valley, have you tried @petittroisla  le valley? @chefludo  did an amazing job with this location!

nat (@nat81841012)
nat8184101224.05.2018 09:02:46

#aplusk  #theellenshow  😘 thank you from the bottom of my ❤️ for everything you do for the animals and people around the world. 😘

Kirk (@rockprosecutorx)
rockprosecutorx23.05.2018 23:08:10

Help me make it bro I wanna help with your mission.

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