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Manuel Garay Gomez (@manuelgaraygomez)
manuelgaraygomez06.07.2019 02:12:08


ℳαriηα🏹✨ (@marinapuviani)
marinapuviani06.07.2019 06:40:53


jamesxuniga (@jzun2019)
jzun201919.07.2019 16:03:46

Flawless my Queen

Moamal Majeed (@rxv_m)
rxv_m05.07.2019 22:47:22


🄵🄰🄸🄽🄰 🅃🄽🅈🄱🄴🄺🄾🅅🄰 (@_tnybekovva)
_tnybekovva08.07.2019 09:55:22


firdego valdiz spashel (@firdego)
firdego07.07.2019 08:36:56


𝓜𝓪𝔁 (@maxfaoy)
maxfaoy08.07.2019 08:44:47


SyeD Khurram ZaiDi (@syed_khurram_abbas_zaidi)
syed_khurram_abbas_zaidi06.07.2019 11:42:02

Level yrR

Harman Dhaliwal (@dhaliwalharman71)
dhaliwalharman7106.07.2019 01:35:44


hajji chokri (@hajji_chokri)
hajji_chokri05.07.2019 23:23:15

Would you help me to make hip prosthesis operation would change my life

Young0234 (@kratos0234)
kratos023407.07.2019 18:06:19


- B R I L A N a S T a S I A - (@_._anas.tey.sha_._)
_._anas.tey.sha_._05.07.2019 22:38:40


صبرى محمود النقيب شاعر (@sbrmhmwdlnqyb)
sbrmhmwdlnqyb05.07.2019 22:41:20

Nizar messages: 3: ... Yala the absence that hurt me
In thee thou shalt descend from the heaven to the Levite
Routes in any way and in any newspaper
Enough about puzzlement
Sadon Einaki in the poem.
So that she left without any sail
Hattan made me stubborn.
The traveler may return without stopping.
In collecting flowers of your unique qualities.
I will write all my poems
About the love that contained safety.
And extended within my only letters and words.
Why do you repeat my words and steps?
They send out numerous invitations
I grew up in your eyes and formed me.
Some cities and your distant journeys.
I know about you, my things are arranged.
And the glow of the girl from your nascent smile.
You have saved all of your folders
So your scribbles are up and new.
I learned when I get out of you.
Close my eyes and I do not hear
Any voice other than your voice.
I do not betray women.
Except in the presence of happy Einaki.
I know my beloved Matta graduated.
Believe me, and to what extent do you support me?
I know very well that I have been infected with severe pain.
Do not forget the Koran and not my birth
And Atari he departed with the martyr.
I know my love.
The words of the poet Sabri Mahmoud al - Naqib

AS (@good_energy_for_life)
good_energy_for_life06.07.2019 00:02:37


Erdal Sevgi (@erd_svg)
erd_svg05.07.2019 23:46:02


Hussin Qassim (@hulos2424)
hulos242406.07.2019 00:22:41


Юлия (@nikitinaju94)
nikitinaju9408.07.2019 09:16:07


maryam.... (@m.h.s7)
m.h.s717.07.2019 13:24:37


Maria Eduarda (@_dudinha_eduarda_)
_dudinha_eduarda_05.07.2019 22:38:24


Franscisco (@franscisco4869)
franscisco486905.07.2019 23:09:30


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