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Фотограф: TFP | Коммерция (@baybekovphoto)
baybekovphoto11.02.2019 21:25:30

@amivitale  u r my favourite photographer. Someday i'll meet u in real life)

barbara davidson (@photospice)
photospice11.02.2019 20:59:44


Christine Tapson (@christinetapson)
christinetapson11.02.2019 21:09:16

Beautiful footage, just beautiful. And the little orange creature flying past in one part, is also precious.

Debbie Ward (@dpw1219)
dpw121912.02.2019 00:58:13

Love these beautiful babies so much

irenelap (@irenelap54)
irenelap5411.02.2019 23:57:43

I love them!

Meredith Zinner Photography (@meredithzinnerphotography)
meredithzinnerphotography11.02.2019 22:06:18

Oh how beautiful this is in every way!❤️😍❤️😍❤️

Marijke van Savooyen (@marijkevansavooyen)
marijkevansavooyen11.02.2019 21:19:43

Love these darlings ♥️🐘♥️

Lisbeth Norton 🌺🇵🇦🇺🇸 (@lisbeth_norton)
lisbeth_norton11.02.2019 21:00:27

So beautiful! 😍😍😍

Judith Gálvez 🐥 (@juditgalvezz)
juditgalvezz11.02.2019 20:57:31

Beautiful 💚

Jessica Q. Birbrayer (@jbirbrayer)
jbirbrayer11.02.2019 20:53:32

Wow!!! 😲 ❤️❤️❤️

Parth (@ptikiwala)
ptikiwala11.02.2019 23:25:15

@ktikiwala  I. Mean. Come. On. ♥️!

Lizzie Liz (@rosemark1631)
rosemark163116.02.2019 13:49:25


Ms.Kelly (@ms.kelly_8)
ms.kelly_820.02.2019 14:46:14

I Loveeeee Elephants😍 Just Beautiful.

Alexander (@masonsmt)
masonsmt20.02.2019 01:02:55


Caroline E. Couig (@carolinecouig)
carolinecouig14.02.2019 05:19:23

@amivitale  Watching these wonderful creatures is so calming....❤️❤️

आनन्द सिंह/ Anand Singh 🌱 (@med_i_ocre)
med_i_ocre13.02.2019 17:22:21


Josephat Cheruiyot (@cheruiyotrotich00)
cheruiyotrotich0013.02.2019 09:44:17

Celebrating a fellow engineer..

B.C. Graeser (@b.c.graeser)
b.c.graeser13.02.2019 06:16:31

Really enjoy all your pictures. God bless you always.

baarp (@baarp)
baarp13.02.2019 04:54:32

@amivitale  👏🏻

Grace (@grachufrag)
grachufrag12.02.2019 21:58:03


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