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J (@jdubcaptures)
jdubcaptures07.02.2019 15:32:51

My will heart break but I need to see this film. I donated in hopes of getting a chance to see these last two northern white rhinos. ♥️

Jake weinsheimer (@jakeweinsheimer)
jakeweinsheimer07.02.2019 06:05:21

I’m writing a research paper about global issues in my school rn and I picked poaching which wasn’t picked by anyone else. I love rhinos so so so much this is amazing

Moya Donahue (@1moyad)
1moyad07.02.2019 05:42:26

Thank you for sharing this film clip. What a BEAUTIFUL story filled with kind and giving people of Kenya❤️❤️

Tabitha Ryan (@tabs202)
tabs20207.02.2019 03:00:02

This shatters me and my heart feels broken for the white Rhino and what has been done and can not be undone but at the same time it humbles me that there is beautiful souls living for protection of what is left. Those men are angels. Thank you Creator for their deep love and protection. May the Creator be with those beautiful creatures and souls. God bless them ❤️

span184407.02.2019 01:18:16

@amivitale  where do we donate exactly? The link in your bio?

Nim (@nimer2)
nimer206.02.2019 15:01:58

Hoy lo haré y donaré y espero tener suerte...🤞🏼

Salma (@mindbodysalma)
mindbodysalma06.02.2019 14:54:36

This makes so proud to be Kenyan. The love we have for our country and every living being in it is beautiful. Thank you for this ❤️ I’m missing home

Maggie Steber (@maggiesteber)
maggiesteber06.02.2019 16:02:42

Oh my heart. Thank these wonderful filmmakers who are recording all of this. I am so moved. I will share it🙏🏼

brett clarke (@peakbrett)
peakbrett06.02.2019 14:58:32

Beautiful clip. Heartbreaking as well. I’d love to see this.

KIFARU: A Feature Documentary (@kifaruthefilm)
kifaruthefilm06.02.2019 14:50:00

Thanks dear friend 🙏

Lonette Barge (@lonetteb)
lonetteb06.02.2019 18:29:59

WoW. So beautiful❣️❣️

Gretchen Lyons (@lyonsgretchen)
lyonsgretchen06.02.2019 17:47:58

Exquisite. Heartbreaking. Inspiring. 🦏🧡

Teresa Martins (@teresamartins300)
teresamartins30006.02.2019 17:37:49

Heart and soul

Cheryl Hanna-Truscott (@hanna.truscott)
hanna.truscott06.02.2019 16:11:33


Meredith Zinner Photography (@meredithzinnerphotography)
meredithzinnerphotography06.02.2019 16:08:20

I’m already crying.

Venetia Hart (@venetiahart)
venetiahart07.02.2019 19:52:50

Beautiful 😔God keep these animals and people that care for them protected 🙏♥️🙏

Shirley Huo (@shirleyhuofeifei)
shirleyhuofeifei07.02.2019 16:12:17

Amazing. Can’t wait to watch this documentary. Very good trailer. 👍

Romina DAngelo (@rominadangelo)
rominadangelo07.02.2019 12:18:09

🦏 thanks to that people that take care of this beautiful animals

CaFe_76 (@carmenf_76)
carmenf_7607.02.2019 09:31:55

So important and wonderful 💛

Tanzanian Children's Fund (@rvcv_tcf)
rvcv_tcf07.02.2019 07:04:45

Beautiful. Thank you for bringing awareness to this conservation crisis ❤️

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