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Anne Cahill (@acahillmac)
acahillmac06.02.2019 00:23:23

What a fantastic opportunity and such a win-win for all! You continue to remain true to the causes you are so deeply passionate about @amivitale  and you have so many years of projects and bodies of work to prove where your heart has ALWAYS been and always will be. Thank you for all you do and share with world. #inspiration  #myhero  😘

Judith (@angelbear401)
angelbear40105.02.2019 23:30:53

Would be so delighted to win this trip with you. Thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and photos. Thanks for the opportunity!.

Nati Taba (@natitaba7)
natitaba705.02.2019 19:36:22

@amivitale  I really admire you a lot♥️You are my most favorite photographer 📷 I aspire to be like you one day 🐨🐾🐼

J A N E (@windsofjane)
windsofjane05.02.2019 13:41:01

Thank you @amivitale !👏🏼 I’m teary eyed watching this video. It would be a dream come true for me. But whether or not I win, I will donate to this amazing cause.❤️❤️

lotusflowerom05.02.2019 07:11:08

I donated! So happy to support this conservancy. This would be a trip of a lifetime for me to win. I have loved rhinos since I was 7 and have such a strong connection to them still. I am a huge fan of your work and advocacy. Thank you for sharing your gifts with others.

Janette Stephens (@janettemsu)
janettemsu05.02.2019 03:43:07

Entered! #DreamTrip  #GoodCause  ❤️

RC Concepcion (@aboutrc)
aboutrc05.02.2019 03:08:38

Man I want to go do this..

Life Photographer (@sarahbeaubienphoto)
sarahbeaubienphoto05.02.2019 02:10:52

I entered and am very excited to be giving back to such a great cause to protect such great animals and to support the lovely people you work with 🙏 plus the prize isnt half bad!! 😍 I've never been lucky though! Lol

Suzanne Downing (@sdowning2016)
sdowning201605.02.2019 01:36:32

I’ve followed your Africa adventures, Ami and you’re so inspiring to me. I’m in my 2nd year of grad school at the University of Montana studying environmental science journalism. My focus is conservation ecology and photojournalism is my passion. Keep up the great work @amivitale ! Your work is making an impact in our world! Of course I donated to this amazing cause. Greetings from rural Montana! Cheers, Suzanne

Jill Adams (@jilladams55)
jilladams5504.02.2019 17:24:56

How do I do it from the Uk ? X

joy (aka jojo) (@jojodesignla)
jojodesignla04.02.2019 16:55:42

Thank you Ami for your amazing work! Will absolutely donate for such a great cause!

Lisa Lawrence (@lisa_lawrence_photography)
lisa_lawrence_photography04.02.2019 16:33:34

I’ve donated to this amazing cause and prayers have begun!! 🙋🏼‍♀️🙏🏼📷🦒🦓🐘

Natalie (@supernatalieninja)
supernatalieninja04.02.2019 14:45:21

So I can deside by myself how much I donate - but no matter how much, I will automatically take part at your "win game"? ☺️

Maggie Davidson (@mag.d.o.doubleg)
mag.d.o.doubleg04.02.2019 14:16:28

This is such a smart way to raise money for a conservancy fund, I hope that you have incredible response.

Adi✝ya (@portiaditya)
portiaditya04.02.2019 14:09:07

I'm on the way❤️❤️❤️ @amivitale 

Hannah Sugimoto (@hannbelle)
hannbelle04.02.2019 22:41:51

@ashleyxhoffmann  we should do this. Also you should follow this acct✨

k_yray (@k_yray)
k_yray04.02.2019 14:23:23

@lstinnett  entered cross those fingers 😍🦏 😍🦏

Carole Sundell (@sunnydell1960)
sunnydell196004.02.2019 19:45:29

🤞hoping I win!!!

Shashi Mohan Reddy Ravula (@smr.39)
smr.3906.02.2019 01:04:29

Done ❤️.

a k (@a_k.006)
a_k.00606.02.2019 00:20:47


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