Photo by @amivitale. Students at Ewaso Primary school listen to @lionlandscapes researcher Thomas Mojong teach them about lions outside of @loisaba_co - Ami Vitale (@amivitale)
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Marcia Graff (@drugstore530)
drugstore53001.02.2019 16:56:00

These kids will help through this important education to keep lions protected - bravo

Lion Landscapes (@lionlandscapes)
lionlandscapes01.02.2019 13:45:43

@amivitale  thank you for your support!

pilar vilalta (@pilarvilaltaanguera)
pilarvilaltaanguera01.02.2019 21:32:13


M a M z    Photography (@mamz__photography)
mamz__photography18.02.2019 22:10:05

Wonderfull 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

M a M z    Photography (@mamz__photography)
mamz__photography15.02.2019 16:41:05

Amazing 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 (
lucasbenvenuto.ph10.02.2019 08:28:24

Hi, how are you?
if you do not mind them go over on my own I have wonderful photos

Andreas Kovacic (@andycrophoto)
andycrophoto07.02.2019 07:17:18

Good morning ☕️☕️🙏😊 wow so beautiful shoot great Day 🔝📷😉👋🏽👋🏽👋🏽👋🏽

Paradise Trails 🌏 (@paradisetrailslk)
paradisetrailslk07.02.2019 00:24:52


The Sandford Dental Centre 🇬🇧 (@the.sandford)
the.sandford04.02.2019 11:39:00


Edward Jonkler (@ejonkler)
ejonkler04.02.2019 07:28:54


Sara Sarracino (@gemad_t)
gemad_t03.02.2019 19:36:30


amirreza Safaeitakhtefouladi (@fouladiartist)
fouladiartist03.02.2019 14:51:41


Nanon (@nanondelastreet)
nanondelastreet03.02.2019 14:33:52

Bravo comment bien vivre avec les lions 🦁 heureuse initiative 👍🙏

Zack Berens (@astronaut_zack)
astronaut_zack03.02.2019 12:55:48

What is that thing he’s holding?

nudi (@thepagesintheword)
thepagesintheword03.02.2019 11:37:46

Did you know in advance of the show, how Ganni would use your images?

If so, what was your reasoning for thinking this was okay – and what have you learnt since that shows you understand why it was not? What steps are you taking to better understand this problematic dynamic/‘aesthetic’? How much (exact amount) of your fee has gone *directly* to the people in the photos? If none, why not and what will you do to get the money directly to them?

Why have you not yet put out a statement disavowing Ganni’s capitalistic exploitation of Black and Brown people, and your role in it as part of this show?

I have followed your work for a while so, like many, am alarmed to see your images presented in this way. As is understandable, many people feel harmed by it, so I look forward to hearing your full-throated apology and to hearing about what reparations you will be making.
Accountability and listening are the best way forward. People will respect it, if you take that path. 🌱

SID LUCKETT (@sidluckett)
sidluckett02.02.2019 23:53:36


YUKO ONG (@yuko_ong)
yuko_ong02.02.2019 15:41:39


N CITY / ✊👊⚓🇫🇷 (@jeeone_prod3)
jeeone_prod302.02.2019 12:14:54

... @jeeone_prod  @jeeone_prod2  @jeeone_prod3  ... 👊😎🔥

YassÈr.Ď12 (@yasser.d12)
yasser.d1202.02.2019 11:59:08

Nice photo, there is no need for more words, I just wanted to say 😍👌

TikTok #world🔥100k 💣 (@725k)
725k02.02.2019 09:16:17

ﭼـۧﺄٱ ﺈنـٰہ‌ـٰتٰہ ڪيٰمر ٰلہٰۭۢﯢ ششہٰﻧﯡ ، 🙊😻 ₎"

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