Photo by @amivitale. Isaak Kosgei looks into the darkness inside a boma (enclosure) at @loisaba_conservancy in Laikipia, northern Kenya. Behind him is - Ami Vitale (@amivitale)
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Life Photographer (@sarahbeaubienphoto)
sarahbeaubienphoto31.01.2019 14:12:31

These kinds of solutions are amazing to hear about I am so glad we are making changes to coexist 🙏

Savanna Yasmeen Malik (@savannaymalik)
savannaymalik31.01.2019 14:09:09

You are truly an inspiration, not just because of your incredible images but your passion and sharing it with others - for us to be inspired and to be passionate about our care for this world and the beings in it also, much love. 🖤

colinne0331.01.2019 16:17:34

YES!! There is always a way... We just have to make choices that are good for the whole and not the "what's in it for me" only mentality.... Thank you all for your seaseless devotion and love💓😇

Andrea Lee (@andrealeeseal)
andrealeeseal01.02.2019 04:23:05

Information SO good to hear. BRAVO

Rekha J. Singh @RJS (@earthsoul_artist_)
earthsoul_artist_01.02.2019 02:00:53

Such things are protecting our wild life and the environment..!!❤️🙏

Leo the Mini Jack (@leotheminijack)
leotheminijack31.01.2019 23:14:25

Fantastic idea. Love it!

Niladri Bhattacharya (@niladri91)
niladri9131.01.2019 19:58:24

My god!! This is truly amazing. 😍😍😍

Cheryl Bigman (@cherylbigman)
cherylbigman31.01.2019 18:58:53

So wonderful! I would so love to start using my photography for wildlife conservation efforts! Thanks for sharing all of your amazing images and inspirational stories @amivitale  !!!

karen cronin-boyle (@karen.boyle_)
karen.boyle_31.01.2019 18:26:23

Wow that is so fascinating!

newman nashaud (@legendary_newman)
legendary_newman31.01.2019 18:02:39

Wow that awesome. It's good to see ppl actually using technology for good purposes.

Wild / 🎨er / Passion 👹 (@fawnmcmanigal)
fawnmcmanigal31.01.2019 17:48:55

Brilliant—both your image and the plan for peaceful coexistence! ♥️

Gangotri Chattopadhyay (@_gangotri_)
_gangotri_31.01.2019 16:39:36

This is fabulous 💗

ferrijl31.01.2019 15:05:24

Wow.. this is amazing! 😊

Domingo Diaz (@2yodo)
2yodo31.01.2019 14:49:07

That’s a great idea. Bravo 👏👏. That could work here in Spain. We have a problem with cattlemen and wolves because they eat the sheppers and the keepers want to kill the and un factor, they do it

Georgina Goodwin (@ggkenya)
ggkenya31.01.2019 14:36:47

Thanks for sharing this Ami, so great to see results of @savetheelephants  @vulcan  @lionlandscapes  partnerships, and of course ur work for @nature_africa  🙏🏾

Quintin Petersen (@q.petersen)
q.petersen31.01.2019 14:29:54


Jyotiraj X Saharia (@beloneranger)
beloneranger31.01.2019 16:48:52

@upakuldas  africa is more advanced than this country

Ro Mario (@rose_mario_)
rose_mario_01.02.2019 20:38:11


Tien Walker (@tien_walker)
tien_walker01.02.2019 11:38:18


🇧🇷 (@gui.gastaldi)
gui.gastaldi31.01.2019 18:03:00

check out my account for good photos

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