Photo by @amivitale. Narok, a collared lioness and her young cub, rest in the shrubby grasslands at @loisaba_conservancy in Laikipia, northern Kenya. - Ami Vitale (@amivitale)
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The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy (@lewa_wildlife)
lewa_wildlife30.01.2019 16:07:59

Great picture!

Karen Jones (@kjboxofrocks)
kjboxofrocks30.01.2019 15:59:06

"...if a collared lion approaches a livestock enclosure outfitted with an alarm, the alarm will blare... Brilliant use of technology right there. Kudos!

Margie Melcher (@margiemelcher)
margiemelcher30.01.2019 16:02:13

That alarm is an excellent way to keep them away from livestock!!!

SHELBY 💫 (@shelbyguisti)
shelbyguisti31.01.2019 02:58:43

This is great!!!

Souls of Diotima Official (@soulsofdiotimaofficial)
soulsofdiotimaofficial31.01.2019 12:11:20


Chelsea Kane (@c.kane13)
c.kane1331.01.2019 04:45:09

Such a good idea!

Travel l Nature l Vacations (
wayfarer.now30.01.2019 23:28:53

I wonder what they were looking at. Must have been a juicy zebra. 😃

Rekha J. Singh @RJS (@earthsoul_artist_)
earthsoul_artist_30.01.2019 22:02:42

Don't know much about it..but picture is perfect 🙏❤️

Margarita Cruz (@cruzmaga54)
cruzmaga5430.01.2019 16:24:26

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Lorraine (@therealkiwigirl59)
therealkiwigirl5930.01.2019 15:58:22

Why don’t you micro chip instead?

Dan Chilly (@dan.chilly)
dan.chilly30.01.2019 21:41:17


Gregory Chiasson (@madoogfilesion)
madoogfilesion30.01.2019 17:39:17


a_j_11230.01.2019 16:30:43

Even if it helps them I don’t like to see it ☹️

catalinathorn (@cj100wife)
cj100wife05.02.2019 00:47:26


Stevenpapageorge (@stevenpapageorge1)
stevenpapageorge103.02.2019 15:42:01

Beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

Karen Susnitzky (@susnizzle)
susnizzle02.02.2019 12:50:19

Thank you for documenting and educating us about such important work! 💕

Emre Ünver (@emreunver87)
emreunver8701.02.2019 13:35:13


Smithwilliamgmail, come (@smithwilliamgmail)
smithwilliamgmail01.02.2019 06:04:54


Larry Rubin (@larryrubinnyc)
larryrubinnyc01.02.2019 03:59:33

Great image, Amy, and thanks for the info about collars and their value.

Jose (@luisjose62)
luisjose6231.01.2019 23:40:57


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