Photo by @amivitale. Loyanae Lonolngiro herds livestock outside of the enclosure where the animals sleep at night with a lion alarm outfitted by @lion - Ami Vitale (@amivitale)
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Yohana Schulz (@yohanaschulz)
yohanaschulz29.01.2019 18:13:53

I like this kinds of organization that promote the coexistence between humans and animals 👍😁

Pedro Freithas (@pedrofreithas)
pedrofreithas29.01.2019 18:12:06

They have a lot of Lessons to teach us

Annes Shin (@annesshin)
annesshin29.01.2019 19:03:45

Robert Woody (@salty_bones_photography)
salty_bones_photography29.01.2019 16:22:54

I've become such a fan of what you do!

Ricardo López González (@lobobobo)
lobobobo29.01.2019 15:50:27


Christian (@oldmaneaton)
oldmaneaton29.01.2019 15:50:09

Great story 😊

John Hanson (@hanson_images)
hanson_images29.01.2019 15:45:08

Love this photo Ami!

scott davis (@scottydpics)
scottydpics29.01.2019 15:33:43

Another lovely portrait!

Siege Bantiling (@siegemaelstrom)
siegemaelstrom30.01.2019 23:51:13

Community-based conservation ❤️

Christopher Van Norden (@cheoah17)
cheoah1730.01.2019 03:59:41

🙏🙏🙏 you people of Laikipia, I wish everyone in the 🌎 was brave and kind like that ❤️

👽🐱✌🐾🌻💀? (@cameron_cobalt)
cameron_cobalt30.01.2019 03:54:01

🙌 to the livestock owners coexisting! This is quite encouraging! Thank you for all this info! ✌🌎

Juli Frampton (@jwframpton)
jwframpton29.01.2019 16:36:13


NICK • COMPTON (@nick.compton)
nick.compton13.02.2019 04:10:41

Lovely 28mm?

Gaby Loyo Fotografía (@capturando_amor)
capturando_amor11.02.2019 05:19:38

Amazing 😍👌🏻

Vanessa M. Faria Photography (@mazeoffreedom)
mazeoffreedom04.02.2019 07:32:36

Whats your favorite place youve traveled to?

Diego Leal (@dleal82)
dleal8202.02.2019 16:06:49


Chris (@chris_halfer)
chris_halfer01.02.2019 03:16:13

Looks amazing! 💫🙌🏼📷

Robert Smith (@roberto_smithh)
roberto_smithh31.01.2019 23:14:50


The T List (@thetlistnet)
thetlistnet31.01.2019 14:17:42


Wabisabiphotography (@wabisabiph)
wabisabiph31.01.2019 12:22:35


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