Photo by @amivitale. @lionlandscapes Lion Rangers gather around a fire at a boma (enclosure) in @loisaba_conservancy in Laikipia, northern Kenya. By m - Ami Vitale (@amivitale)
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Connie (@vegan_lion_)
vegan_lion_28.01.2019 17:13:57

I love this photo! And, I love what these guys are doing. 💗

Mike James (@mikejamesmedia)
mikejamesmedia28.01.2019 17:01:26

That's another beautiful photo, Ami!

Stephen Wilkes (@stephenwilkes)
stephenwilkes28.01.2019 17:27:31

🙌 @amivitale 

Jeanne Lanier (@jeanne.lanier.50)
jeanne.lanier.5028.01.2019 18:56:56

Kudos to you and them!💓🦁

Danny Walters (@dcbici)
dcbici28.01.2019 20:34:37

Heartfelt motivation to deliver awareness and compassion through the art of photography! We love and miss you Ami :) Danny and everyone at Nat Geo Fine Art Gallery Las Vegas 👍🏼

Brian Sokol (@briansokol)
briansokol28.01.2019 20:05:17

Fantastic image, Ami!

Mike Rozum (@shadowhead)
shadowhead28.01.2019 19:17:38

Fantastic image! 💜💜

Paul John Bayfield (@pauljohnbayfield)
pauljohnbayfield28.01.2019 19:06:37

Whoa 😳

Stella Formanek (@eish999)
eish99928.01.2019 18:25:39

The man with barefeet really makes the pic as a juxtaposition.

@thecarolinehiggins (@thecarolinehiggins)
thecarolinehiggins28.01.2019 18:02:52

Beautiful !!

@thecarolinehiggins (@thecarolinehiggins)
thecarolinehiggins28.01.2019 18:02:51

Beautiful !!

Syed Amir (@syedamir_01)
syedamir_0128.01.2019 17:59:42

Woah 😲

CHRIS GIBBS⎜ALASKA (@chrisgibbsphoto)
chrisgibbsphoto28.01.2019 17:36:12

@amivitale  Thank you for covering these guys.

Shubhansh Shukla (@shukla.shubhansh)
shukla.shubhansh28.01.2019 17:30:03

always beautiful

G.A (@capturingmoments1993)
capturingmoments199328.01.2019 23:59:54


KENYANITO 🇰🇪 (@kenyanitobaraka)
kenyanitobaraka28.01.2019 16:36:15

Niice😍 visit @fashioninthewild  for updates on #fashioninthewild  and feel free to come join in the experience 😉

Cindy Miles (@milesclc)
milesclc29.01.2019 03:44:48

Hugs to all the guys... protectors!

Chris K (@jambomom2018)
jambomom201829.01.2019 00:15:09

Beautiful. Looks like an Old Master painting. And what these men are doing is fabulous.

Travel l Nature l Vacations (
wayfarer.now28.01.2019 21:55:29

So cool to see these fellas around a fire, sharing a cup and a laugh. 😃

💞💖ALAN💖💞 💞  KURD💞 💌TER💌 (@alan_ahmadpour7)
alan_ahmadpour728.01.2019 19:59:12


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