Photo by @amivitale. A lion looks up from his freshly caught wild prey at @loisaba_conservancy in Laikipia, northern Kenya. Large wide ranging carnivo - Ami Vitale (@amivitale)
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This Planet (@thisplanettv)
thisplanettv26.01.2019 05:34:08

Thank you for sharing this lion and drawing our attention to all the hard work that goes into protecting his survival 👏👏👏

David Rinker (@montanarink)
montanarink25.01.2019 15:53:46

Beatiful Image Amy, Love your work and your passion for helping to protect & save wildlife.

Shera (@sheramarie18)
sheramarie1825.01.2019 22:33:35

Wow! Love this ❤️ “if lions are doing well, then the entire ecosystem is likely doing well.” @melindar0se 

Cris™️ (@acer_wade)
acer_wade25.01.2019 17:09:44

Really beautiful shot

Donna (@theartofenchantment)
theartofenchantment25.01.2019 15:25:22

Well said

©Alireza Zahiri Sorouri‌ (@alireza_zahirisorouri)
alireza_zahirisorouri26.01.2019 12:30:18


Jeanne Lanier (@jeanne.lanier.50)
jeanne.lanier.5026.01.2019 12:27:45

It's great to hear something positive about these majestic big cats!

Essi Jahlya (@essijahlya)
essijahlya26.01.2019 10:31:33

Kenya is a great country!!!

🇸🇦☆مطلوب مندوبات☆من المنزل🇸🇦 (@taswiq0_1)
taswiq0_126.01.2019 10:03:10

I liked your photos :) Greetings from other side of the world 😊

Dionesia Ika (@dionesiaaa)
dionesiaaa26.01.2019 06:03:16

Magnificent! 😍😍

Thewomentraveller (@thewomentraveller)
thewomentraveller26.01.2019 05:28:17


victor aguilar (@victor_aguilar8590)
victor_aguilar859026.01.2019 04:10:01

Awesome! 👏

Carole Sundell (@sunnydell1960)
sunnydell196026.01.2019 02:05:51

Just magnificent! I can’t imagine being in the presence of such a force of nature! Thanks!

Judith Gálvez 🐥 (@juditgalvezz)
juditgalvezz26.01.2019 02:03:40

Amazing picture

Theresa Thomas (@davidsgirl_)
davidsgirl_26.01.2019 01:58:33

So beautiful. Look at those eyes

Tedi Dowell (@1tedidowell)
1tedidowell26.01.2019 01:44:23

The most beautiful animal

Dipika Rathod (@dipikar_)
dipikar_26.01.2019 01:00:16

Magnificent ... #hearmeroar 

Kristine Hutchinson (@khutchdrivebys)
khutchdrivebys26.01.2019 00:18:55


Travel l Nature l Vacations (
wayfarer.now26.01.2019 00:06:51

Are those battle scars on his face? Looks like this lion has seen a lot in his lifetime. ❤️️

Chris Ward (@mrblue303)
mrblue30325.01.2019 23:50:14

Haunting 😎

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